Special Thursday Random 10: Mayonnaise and Fireworks Edition

Pax Arcana

We’re doing the random 10 a day early this week since the fragrant and sit-uppy Mrs. Pax Arcana and I will be sailing our sloop to the sunny Arcana compound — located in an uncharted volcano off the coast of Massachusetts — to celebrate American Independence Day. I pray the manservant remembers my fake giant squid tentacles this year. Man, that joke never gets old.

Here’s a little tip for you, should you find yourself among the backyard-dwelling cook-out folk that seem to comprise the majority of common America — don’t worry about the mayonnaise. That’s because, despite what we all learned growing up, commercial mayo is not a catalyst for food poisoning. To the contrary, jarred mayo can actually prevent certain bacteria from spreading through your chicken salad or what have you:

Most commercial brands of mayonnaise contain vinegar and other ingredients that make them acidic — and therefore very likely to protect against spoilage. When problems occur, they usually result from other contaminated or low-acid ingredients (like chicken and seafood), improper storage and handling, or homemade versions that contain unpasteurized eggs.

One prominent study published in The Journal of Food Protection found, for example, that in the presence of commercial mayonnaise, the growth of salmonella and staphylococcus bacteria in contaminated chicken and ham salad either slowed or stopped altogether. As the amount of mayonnaise increased, the rate of growth decreased. When temperatures rose to those of a hot summer day, the growth increased, but not as much as in samples that did not contain mayonnaise.

So there you have it.

The songs:

The Seeker — The Who
Books About UFOs — Hüsker Dü
Psycho Killer — Talking Heads
Mesentery — Bitch
It Takes Two — Rob Base and DJ Eazy Rock
The Turn — M.I.A.
See America Right — Mountain Goats
I’m a Changed Man — Otis Redding
Constructive Summer — The Hold Steady
I’m Amazed — My Morning Jacket

Bonus Video:

America, Fuck Yeah! — Matt Stone and Trey Parker

The Rules: The Friday Random 10 is exactly that — random. We open up our iTunes, set the thing on shuffle, and listen to 10 songs. We are not permitted to skip any out of embarrassment or fear of redundancy. Commenters are encouraged to post their own.



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13 responses to “Special Thursday Random 10: Mayonnaise and Fireworks Edition

  1. drfrenchfry

    That’s so disappointing. Mayo was the perfect scapegoat.

  2. I don’t toss this word around lightly, but I think Matt Stone and Trey Parker are geniuses. Don’t make me start blogging about South Park.

    Should’ve Been in Love – Wilco
    Hip Hop is Dead – Nas
    Creep – Radiohead
    Dosed – RHCP
    Svo Hljsott – Sigur Ros
    Grindstone – Uncle Tupelo
    Come Pick Me Up – Ryan Adams
    Everyone Gets a Star – Albert Hammond Jr.
    Neighborhood #2 (Laika) – Arcade Fire
    A Milli – Lil Wayne

  3. Fallen Angel

    Mayo is delicious. Sweet vindication.

    And go Rays.

    1. Anti-Flag – The Bright Lights of America
    2. Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
    3. U2 – Until the End of the World
    4. Head Automatica – Graduation Day
    5. Nouvelle Vague – I Melt With You
    6. The Exies – Ugly
    7. Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
    8. Metallica – Turn the Page
    9. Cobra Starship – Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)
    10. Muse – Time Is Running Out

    And +2 bonus songs because they’re awesome:
    11. Blink-182 – Carousel (live)
    12. Limp Bizkit ft. Redman, Method Man, and DMX – Rollin’ (Urban Assault Vehicle)

  4. man i used to love Limp Bizkit. For realz. I just started playing this song on youtube…I forgot that they named they had that Chocolate Starfish album until he shouted it out at the beginning.

  5. Yuck. Fred Durst makes me want to fracture my own testicle. OK maybe that’s a little extreme.

  6. You were too old when they were big. This is a recurring theme for you.

  7. I was early 20s, which I guess is about right. Fred Durst writes at basically a middle school level, so I guess that fits. I do admit that the guitar/bass/drums guys in Limp Bizkit are pretty impressive.

  8. Perry Ellis

    A few things before I get to the list:

    * Wow. Some great songs came up this week: The Seeker, Books About UFOs, Mesentery (which is by Bitch Magnet, btw, Pax, you might want to update the ol’ iTunes); and one of my all-time favorite songs ever bar none: Come Pick Me up. Just a killer bunch today, well done my friends.

    * Suffice it to say I’d sooner listen to Alice in Chains than either of the walking group of crap sacks referenced above. Then again, as the senior Paxican, I’m definitely too old for that shit. But it still blows dog, whippersnappers.

    * I’d still eat mayo even if it gave me leprosy. I love mayo.

    * Have a great holiday weekend, everybody.

    Now for this week’s toonz, which in retrospect strikes me as starting out fairly melancholy before moving more upbeat:

    1 – I Can Sympathize, 7 Seconds
    2 – Desperate Ain’t LonelyWhiskeytown
    3 – Withering Heights, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
    4 – The Tourist, Radiohead
    5 – Meet Me in Heaven, Johnny Cash
    6 – I Can’t Reach You, Petra Haden*
    7 – Don’t Ask for the Water, Ryan Adams
    8 – Speed and Sleep, Throwing Muses
    9 – Trade, Bob Mould
    10 – Get Up, R.E.M.

    * For you Who fanciers out there, this is from an a capella version of “The Who Sell Out” by Haden, well worth checking out. Pretty interesting stuff.

  9. 1. The Hold Steady – You Can Make Him Like You
    2. George Harrison & Bob Dylan – Telephone Line
    3. Mateo Messina – Up the Spout
    4. Drive-By Truckers – A Ghost to Most
    5. Derek & the Dominoes – Layla
    6. Barbara King – What I Did In The Street
    7. Rick Danko & Richard Manuel – It Makes No Difference
    8. The Blues Brothers – Sweet Home Chicago
    9. Emmylou Harris – May This Be Love
    10. Tears for Fears – Pharoahs (WTF?)

  10. Mayonnaise is the devils semen.

  11. Fallen Angel

    “Hot Dog Flavored Water” is HUMAN semen.

  12. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

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