And now something for Zach Braff

Father Scott

Straight out of every shoegazer’s dreams: M. Ward, Jim James, and Conor Oberst will be recording an album together.

Nice look Jimbo

Via Paste, the trio toured together as Monsters of Folk four years ago and have now decided to release an album together. Bright Eyes producer Mike Mogis appears to have also signed on. No release date is set and they couldn’t confirm what the group would play as, but pretty much everything I’ve read about this expects them to kick ass. And with good reason.

Paste also links to the blog I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, which has MP3s of a concert Monsters of Folk played a while back. The above Paste link has a video of the three playing together, but thanks to our hilariously slow work computers, I have no idea whether any of it is any good.


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  1. Sounds pretty cool even if it will lead to multiple geek-asms by shoegazers, whom I can’t stand going to shows with. I saw an intense Fleet Foxes show last wednesday that was completely packed with douchebag shoegazers stealing the energy from the show.

    Cyndi Lauper – Carey (Seriously Impressive)

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