Fort Bragg police better watch their step

Pax Arcana

Back in March we brought you the story of the Cambridge City Council and its struggle to keep a gaggle of kooks from hogging valuable meeting time.

In Fort Bragg, California, the kooks have decided to circumvent the official channels altogether and start their own committee, complete with its own meetings.

The results are predictably awesome.

The group calls itself Copwatch, and was ostensibly formed to build rapport with the local boys in blue. As it turns out, their interests are far more varied than that:

One person, who did not give her name, claimed that the penal code had been sold to the Chinese military police, that the constitution has been replaced by a violent law called the armorility law and that police have the right to search and arrest at will.

Another person said he appreciates the police, who he called some of the mildest mannered people he has ever met. Another person stumbled on his feet as he talked for several minutes about his ancestors and the police chief in 1970, before stopping to say, “What were we talking about?”

Even better, they were drinking the whole time:

It must be said that the air at the June 19 meeting in Fort Bragg Library’s community room smelled of alcohol, and that some attendees appeared to have brought their own.

The crazy thing is they got more done at that one meeting than the U.S. Congress accomplished all last year.

Officials talk after second copwatch meeting [Fort Bragg Advocate-News]


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