More fun with dumb headlines

Father Scott

ESPN has a story up about the New Jersey Nets adding Yi Jianlian when their trade with the Milwaukee Bucks was finalized. Here is the headline:

Nets hope addition of Yi, better team play will draw Chinese fans

If you’re like me, you read that and think, hey that’s reasonable. Yi is Chinese. China has like a billion people. The Greater New York area has a ton of Chinese people. Sensible. This was a business decision (along with dumping Richard Jefferson’s salary to clear room for the 2010 free agent class).

Then you read the opening sentence.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The New Jersey Nets‘ acquisition of Yi Jianlian was strictly a basketball decision, not a marketing one aimed at drawing more Chinese fans, Nets owner Bruce Ratner said Wednesday.




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2 responses to “More fun with dumb headlines

  1. Also, I love Yi Jianlian.

  2. Awesome. Nice catch. Always nice when the guy writing the headline doesn’t even bother to read the FIRST GODDAMN SENTENCE of the story.

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