Robert Redford finally gets ugly

Pax Arcana

SportsByBrooks is reporting that ESPN Films is producing a bio movie about Jackie Robinson’s breaking of the color barrier in 1947.

Robert Redford has signed on to play Branch Rickey — the brash, forward-thinking Dodgers manager who brought Robinson on to the big stage.

To recap, here’s what Branch Rickey looked like:

And here’s what Robert Redford looked like:

Before he started looking like an old lesbian:

Robert Redford as Branch Rickey in ESPN Flick [SportsbyBrooks]


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23 responses to “Robert Redford finally gets ugly

  1. Michael Barrett

    He’s 71. It’s called aging. Duh.

  2. Prof

    You would have thought someone would have told him that he had his rug on the wrong way round.

  3. Rita

    Sorry but he looks beautifull because even older, he maintains the shine in his eyes…And that glimpse of beauty not even time can take away…

  4. Richard Travers

    If every man aged as well as Robert Redford, planet earth would be far more beautiful.

  5. Sue Rhodes Calhoun

    It’s just a bad hair day. His face looks great. Rugged, handsome, he’s a dish and always has been. We all get older, so please forgive us. And forgive celebrities, too. Would you rather he looked like Joan Rivers?

  6. Thais

    He still beautiful.
    With the beauty of an old man of 74 years old.
    How will you be with 74 years old?

  7. I agree with all tha previous comments…

    It is only natural. From my point of view, it is better than other star-system actors that are so much attached to their superficial image that they become strangers who do not resemble their younger versions…

    Well, he is still beautiful, perhaps you did write that innappropiate comment because you are affected by the irreal commercial images but that is not our daily images, go and visit your grandparents or anyone else´s grandparents. Robert Redford was far so handsome and now he is a repectful old person with such a nice and sincere smile.


  9. Teresa

    I agree with Riva, Richard and Sue.
    Hooray for Robert Redford ! He accomplished so
    much because of his talents, his beliefs, and his morals. I appreciate the ‘stars’ who give back.

    Thank you Robert Redford,


  10. sandy

    He’s like a fine wine, he improves with age.

  11. Who ever wrote this article is worthless. Robert Redford looks amazing! He looks better than many people do in their prime. Don’t hate on someone else because you are ugly. Redford is a good looking dude!

  12. You people realize you’re commenting on a two year old blog post, right? And that the point of the post was that Robert Redford is too good-looking to play Branch Rickey, right? And that even fine wine turns to vinegar, right?

  13. Kelly H

    I don’t care how old the blog is. Mr Robert Redford is cool, always has been and always will be. Shame on anyone that throws stones about talking like they are perfect. match this man’s accompolishments and then come back and tell us all about it.

    Now say you’re sorry and go sit down somewhere and be quiet!

  14. louise lasser

    Yes, he’s aged. But he’s not a bitter, no talent, parasite who makes his way in the world exposing people’s vulnerabilities. You will age, too. But you’ll have done nothing with your youth to boot. Scum-hack-loser.

  15. Melyn

    The man is integrity all the way. Doesn’t really matter what you look like when you’re impeccibly a man of integrity. We’re all going to be less handsome and beautiful when we’re no longer 30-40-50. Yes, even ‘you’.

  16. Beatrice

    Sorry, but if he really was aging with dignity and integrity, he wouldn’t need that ridiculous hairdo/colour.

  17. dcmortimer

    That wig looks awful on him .

  18. julie

    Good grief – hair piece on a bad day? So what? The only people who never get ‘ugly’ are unfortunates like Marilyn Monroe. That’s your only option to not aging. It’s hang around – or not! And you’ll find as YOU age – that everyone around you seems to look better and better! ha

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