I think I’m starting to see what’s happening here

Pax Arcana

Here are two tales from the media world that tell us a lot about why the media’s old-guard are losing — badly — in the war for new eyeballs.

1. The Wizard of Odds — a college football blog — has been one of the top sports blogs on the Internet almost since its inception a few years back. The site’s author remained anonymous until this week, when he revealed himself as Jay Christiansen, a former employee of the LA Times who was axed along with 149 others because of the paper’s struggles.

We’ll let The Big Lead explain the irony here:

Wonder if the paper is kicking itself today and asking, ‘hmmm, why didn’t we just have this guy blogging for us?’ A one-man show has the entrepreneurial sense to take an independent blog from zero readers to an estimated three million in 2008, and yet he’s not good enough to work at a paper that’s hemmoraging readers? Baffling.

Which brings us to:

2. Murray Chass, cantankerous baseball writer for the New York Times, started a blog this week. Only he’s not calling it a blog. He’s calling it a “site” because — in his words — he hates blogs:

This is a site for baseball columns, not for baseball blogs. The proprietor of the site is not a fan of blogs. He made that abundantly clear on a radio show with Charlie Steiner when Steiner asked him what he thought of blogs and he replied, “I hate blogs.”

So in one corner, the LA Times fires a guy whose side-job site draws three million eyeballs a year. In the other corner, an old-guard media type starts a blog about how much he hates blogs.

Why does Chass hate blogs? Hard to say, but he certainly hates all the profanity. He also says that baseball fandom is ruined by statistics and all that fancy-pants book larnin’. He prefers to do things old-school.

And to write things like this:

Whatever impact honmefield (sic) advantage has, getting it by having the team’s league win the All-Star game makes no sense.

Makes no sense, indeed, Murray.

Oh wait — I forgot to include the profanity.



Wait for it…



Another Blogger Revealed … and He’s a Journalist [The Big Lead]
Murray Chass [Home]



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2 responses to “I think I’m starting to see what’s happening here

  1. Murray Chass is an idiot. Seth Mnookin used to tear him apart FJM-style in his blog (back when he wrote, anyway. My favorite part of Murray’s “about” section is that he writes it in the third person and then quotes himself. Really? Do we actually think he had someone else write that?

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