You should really try the spotted dick

Pax Arcana

On Epi-Log, cookbook author and TV somethingorother James Curry posts his personal take on the top ten weirdest recipe names. Included are Shaking Beef, Festive Nuts, and Spam Sushi.

I presume it is Curry’s nationality (British) that blinded him to the weirdness of dishes like Mincemeat Pie and Spotted Dick.

Even the childhood home of Pax Arcana — the Paxadrome — served more bizarre-sounding foods than that. For example:

Beef Skillet Fiesta — An early 80s Tex-Mex melange of stewed tomatoes, rice, and hamburger meat.
Sounds like
: The least-expensive option at Guatemalan whorehouse.

Pork Roll — The founding meat of the Jersey breakfast, pork roll is a spiced potted meat product often substituted for hamburgers at barbecues.
Sounds like: Industrial pseudomeat at its finest.


Spaghetti — Italian pasta, usually purchased dried and then rehydrated in boiling water.
Sounds like: Something you contract after choosing the least expensive option at a Guatemalan whorehouse.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to put on a fresh pot of Entrails and Formaldehyde Stew for dinner.

Top 10 Weirdest Recipe Names [Epi-Log]



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  1. Have you been looking at me in the shower again?

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