Women are constipated morons

Pax Arcana

I’ve always been jealous of women. In times of trouble, men must lie to their wives and drink crappy beer with their monosyllabic friends to find a measure of relief.

But women — all women — are blessed with a close cadre of multi-racial friends with whom to dance around kitchens and living rooms ingesting all manner of health foods.

Also, women are constipated morons.

Here, I’ll let Sarah Haskins explain:

If you’re wondering whether Sarah’s being too hard on Jamie Lee and company, check out this Slate story which attempted to make sense of Activia’s supposed health benefits:

If you dig a little, Dannon seems aware that the studies it adduces to support Activia’s effectiveness are inconclusive. After all, the company funded a study by the American Society of Microbiologists that concluded, “[A]t present, the quality of probiotics available to consumers in food products around the world is unreliable.” (Dannon’s spokesman Michael Neuwirth told me, “It’s not a scientific study.”) The ASM report plays a prominent role in a class-action suit a California woman has brought against Dannon; the suit demands refunds for everyone who has paid for the yogurt, which is sold at a 30 percent inflated price for its “proven” medical promises.

Gut Instinct [Slate]


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