We have a new ally in the GWOZ

Father Scott

Michael Ian Black.

Black, describing on his blog the value of his book with regard to the human need for food:

I have practically been on my hands and knees begging for your support, and while some of you heard my clarion call, still others (and I know who you are) have dithered, perhaps thinking to yourself, “I don’t have enough money to eat AND buy the book.” Bullshit. Let me ask you a question: how long does a good meal fill your belly? A few hours, perhaps. How long does a good book fill your brain? For a lifetime, motherfuckers! For a motherfucking lifetime.

When you don’t feed your brain, what happens? You turn into a zombie. And I think we can all agree that we have enough problems with zombies as it is.

Black’s blog is funny, self-referential, and frequently picks fights with famous people to get notoriety. He also, clearly, has an appreciation for the danger zombies present. Sound familiar?


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  1. Plus he’s from New Jersey and undoubtedly has an appreciation for fine tomatoes.

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