Manny the torpedoes

Father Scott

With WEEI and every local media outlet on full “Let’s get Manny out of town” assault, I’m pretty sick of thinking about him in a serious way.

Do we pick up the option? Sign him to a long-term deal? Acknowledge that he assaults teammates and old staff members? I don’t know (sure I do: keep him. He makes me smile, that’s why I watch baseball). That’s why they pay Theo (they could pay me instead, if they’d prefer).

I love him, and I love the Dugout (the official chat room of MLB).

Admittedly, I don’t really understand how to read the Dugout. Are they actually in the chat room? Are they in person and we’re seeing a transcript? Are they children? Who knows, it’s just funny. 

Most of all, I love when the Dugout involves Manny. This one involved Manny’s recent jaywalking arrest and his pre-offense conversation with Johnathan Papelbon. If only they found a way to work Kyle Farnsworth into it…


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