The FBI lies about its death ray plans and other stuff

Pax Arcana

Scotland isn’t the only impregnable landscape with its own shadowy mythology to contend with. The FBI, apparently, is really interested in debunking myths about its own history.

And lying its fucking ass off.

According to this article in Wired, the bureau contends that not only does it not spy on (or keep dossiers on) ordinary citizens like your commie grandmama, but also that it is not in possession of Nikola Tesla’s death ray plans:

Despite longstanding reports and rumors, the FBI was not involved in searching Tesla’s effects, and it never had possession of his papers or any microfilm that may have been made of those papers. Since 1943, we have told a consistent story to all who have asked. Reports to the contrary appear to be based on an initial confusion of FBI agents with other government officials—especially Alien Property Office personnel. These rumors have long been repeated in biographies and articles on Tesla without double-checking the facts as reported in our files.

They never want you to know what they’ve got pointed at your head. Did you feel that? My helmet tingled and I can hear the men on the radio in my teeth again. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO HAVE THIS CONVERSATION MR PRESIDENT? This is the last time I read the computer without the foil shield.

FBI: We Don’t Have Tesla’s Death Ray [Wired]



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9 responses to “The FBI lies about its death ray plans and other stuff

  1. bob johnson

    the picture is of a rocket. the white parts are known as pressure diamonds formed from the high pressure generated by the rocket’s propellant

  2. CJ

    Pax, your potty-mouth only helps to DISCREDIT what you have to say here…..and makes us wonder about your education. KNOCK IT OFF.

  3. jeff

    Im with you Pax… they have it..

  4. Nick

    I totally agree with you Pax. When Tesla built the Wardenclyffe Tower and put on a performance with his major finacial backer J.P. Morgan. This tower not only transmitted audio and visual images but it also was self powered by radiant energy, which was the main discovery. When it was found that everyone could get free unlimited supply of clean energy, wirelessly, and there was absolutley no way that the energy could be metered. Morgan destroyed Wardenclyff and the richest and most influential man in the world at the time directed his attention towards destroying and black listing Tesla. Wardenclyff was built in 1917, now where do you think Tesla got the massive amount of energy to fire the “death ray.” Also I agree with CJ nothing against you but I’m very passionate about this subject and when I speak about it, I think what CJ was trying to say is if at all possible don’t give anyone any sort of reason to discredit you or your stories. The freedom of speech and freedom of press KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!!!!!

  5. Anon

    That image is of a LOX/methane test engine firing, I can link you a video to the test firing of that engine in 2007 ( Using a image of that engine test to push some unrelated tinfoil hat conspiracy theory just invalidates your claims even more.

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