A great loss for beer lovers everywhere

Pax Arcana

A few months ago, we reported on the groundbreaking work being done by the geniuses at the MillerCoors brewing company, which had just announced a new line of craft-style Miller Lite. The new beers were aimed at beer connoisseurs like me who demand craft beer-sounding names without all that annoying craft beer quality.

I have some bad news, fellow beer lovers. After testing poorly in its target demographics, the line of craft-style Miller Lites has been shelved, for now:

MillerCoors LLC is ending testing of its trio of craft styles of top-seller Miller Lite so it can rethink the brand, the company told distributors.

The so-called Miller Lite Brewing Collection didn’t perform as well as expected in test markets including Baltimore, Minneapolis and Charlotte, N.C., spokesman Julian Green said.

The good news is that the project hasn’t been permanently scuttled. After studying why consumers were forgoing the new beers in favor of small-batch varieties, MillerCoors thinks it has found an answer:

Green said testing showed the firm had to build consumer awareness to help people separate Miller Lite from the Brewing Collection.

So the trick is to get consumers to forget that the Miller Lite Brewing Collection has nothing at all to do with Miller Lite.


For a second there, I thought they were going to start monkeying around with the recipe.

Craft collection of Miller Lite shelved [Chicago Tribune]



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5 responses to “A great loss for beer lovers everywhere

  1. Fallen Angel

    “beer connoisseurs”

    should read “beer snobs”

    goooooo Natty!

  2. That’s right. Things like taste and quality are for elitists only. That’s why I eat two handfuls of minute rice at every meal.

    You’ll come around.

  3. Perry Ellis

    As a confirmed beer connoisseur, FA, I can tell you that I’m just as happy to suck down a PBR as a high-end craft beer. Sometimes happier; what would you prefer on a 90-degree day, a nice crisp Bud or a thinck, hoopy IPA? Me, I’d take the Bud.

  4. I don’t know, Perry, I kind of like my beers thinck and hoopy.

  5. Birch

    IPA’s thick???

    If it’s a 90-degree day, I want water. But, there are a million crisp, refreshing craft brews.

    Yes, one million of them.

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