The final word on Manny Ramirez

Pax Arcana

I had the beginnings of yet another Manny Ramirez post bouncing around my head this weekend — it was to be a discussion of why flawed superheroes are more engaging than perfect ones, titled “Manny and Supermanny” — but frankly I’m just over the whole thing.

So let’s let Charlie Pierce have the final word:

For all the murmurings from the fainting couch by the local baseball romantics about how Manny Ramirez failed to respect The Game and did his teammates dirt, these same people seem more than willing to accept the proposition that the rest of your defending World Champions are made of candy glass. Is the poisonous presence of Manny Ramirez the reason catcher Jason Varitek is petrifying almost by the hour, or why Josh Beckett hasn’t thrown a changeup in six weeks, or why most of The Kids have been playing like people who got lost on the way to the AAA park? (Jacoby Ellsbury, the speedy young center fielder who was such a sensation in last year’s World Series, is hitting an abysmal .186 since the All-Star break and has stolen one base since June 17.) And has Epstein himself been so distracted by Ramirez’s performance that he’s failed to notice that his middle relief corps is a landfill? As near as anyone can tell, as the Rays and the Yankees both strengthened themselves for the final weeks of the season, the only thing the Red Sox front office worked on in the days prior to the trading deadline was finding a way to ship Manny Ramirez and his 20 home runs out of town.

Go read the whole thing.

By the way, Manny is 8 for 13 with two HRs in Los Angeles, and “chemistry” still doesn’t have a single RBI in the whole fucking history of baseball.

And Sean Casey is rotting on the bench.

OK now I’m done.

Burning Manny [Slate]



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4 responses to “The final word on Manny Ramirez

  1. And Jason Bay has a 1.350 OPS with the Sox. Sample size. Yes, Manny will likely play well down the stretch.

    Sean Casey is an ideal bench player.

    That chemistry has no effect on a team is insane.

    The biggest problem with the deal is that it consumed the Sox to the point that they couldn’t address the bullpen, their true problem.

  2. Jason Bay just faced two pitchers in a row that started the season in AAA. But you’re right about sample size. Manny’s sample size goes back to 1993, and is pretty good overall.

    Sean Casey should get more at bats as a pinch hitter.

    Chemistry does have an effect on teams, and the Manny situation had become intractable. As you know, however, I believe the team deserves a much greater share of the blame for any chemistry issues than does Manny. And I’m sick of hearing the same sportswriters who remember Ted Williams and Carl Yastremski (sp?) with misty-eyed reverence lambaste Manny for a presumed lack of respect for the game. Both of those guys acted way more douchey than Manny ever did.

    Your last point is correct. But I think it’s instructive that the Sox have been desperate to unload Manny since 2003. Frankly I think he beat them at their own game (lobbying privately for one thing while publicly declaring his fealty to the town) for long enough and they went nuclear on him. And it consumed them. And now they’re no better than they were before — which is still very good but not as good as they should be.

  3. Word.


    Word. Yastrzemski. And I hope we remember Manny fondly.


    See, we agree more than you think. It’s just when your posts get all Callahan-y that I have to make you clarify.

  4. perkisabeast

    It was nice of the Red Sox to open up the fall schedule for the Patriots fans. Has anyone noticed the abysmal personnel decisions regarding re-signing free agents. Maybe someone should take this ownership group to task for being unbelievably cheap, except when it comes to fat, pasty faced, pitchers.

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