Who is killing the Lowell ducks?

Pax Arcana

The Boston Globe today brings us sad news from Lowell, home base of our friend Lucy the Blog and homicidal newspaper the Lowell Sun.

City officials there have found 25 dead ducks in recent days, and are scrambling to figure out who or what is responsible. At first, officials believed the ducks were killed by rock-throwing cretins. But now they believe the ducks are being felled by avian botulism caused in part by heavy rains:

Health Director Frank Singleton says hot weather and heavy rain flush nutrients into the river, robbing the water of oxygen and allowing the bacteria to flourish. The bacteria attacks the ducks’ nervous systems, causing them to drown. There is no danger to humans.

Well I’m glad we got that sorted out… hang on… I’m getting something here…

BREAKING: Officials in Lowell now believe foul play, and not avian botulism, is to blame for more than two dozen duck deaths in Lowell. Authorities are now searching for the individual shown below, who was captured by a city surveillance camera in the area where the ducks were found dead:

Lowell officials investigate duck deaths [Boston Globe]


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