No respect for the game

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Last night, Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano failed to run out a long fly ball on account of he thought it was going to be a home run, but the ball ended up bouncing off the wall. Soriano ended up with a single.

On Baseball Tonight last night, this failure to hustle sent former major leaguer John Kruk into a tirade, in which he accused Soriano of lacking “respect for the game.”

A lecture on “respect for the game” from John Kruk.

That would be this John Kruk, whose training regimen during his playing days consisted mainly of eating, sleeping, and doing alternating reps of nothing and jack shit. The same John Kruk whose utter inability to get in decent shape probably cost him an extra five years of a decent playing career.

In 1987, at his peak, Kruk stole 18 bases and was caught 10 times. In one year alone, Kruk’s corpulence cost the Padres 10 outs. So I guess he knows a little something about running things out.

Bonus — here’s the best line from Wikipedia’s entry on Kruk:

He was featured as a backup on the National League All-Star Team in the acclaimed Nintendo game, RBI Baseball.

Sounds about right.



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3 responses to “No respect for the game

  1. John Kruk is quickly joining the ranks of ex-athletes who love ripping their own in front of the camera. See Johnny Miller & John McEnroe.

    By the way, did you know that Kruk was a career .300 hitter?

  2. I did. I grew up in his media market and they never let anyone forget that little fact.

    He also broke the record for most cheese steaks eaten in one sitting at Geno’s.

  3. Good to see you on the Pax boards, by the way…

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