I am posting new Wilco songs, you are listening

Father Scott

Over the weekend, our friends (i.e., people we’ve never met but whose musings we read) at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends posted a couple of new Wilco songs: One Wing and Sunny Feeling.

As much as I love the concept of new Wilco songs, neither of these did a ton for me. They both sound like Golden Smog songs at heart, and are kind of one-dimensional.

“One Wing” in particular is kind of lousy and trite lyrically (“You were a blessing/I was a curse/I did my best not to make things worse”), which is depressing coming from Tweedy. The jam at the end is very Sky Blue Sky-y, which is nice in small doses (e.g., “Impossible Germany), but isn’t as well done here. Let’s hope it’s not a trend.

“Sunny Feeling” is indeed a sunny tune, but again, it sounds more like a Tweedy b-side, which he usually reserves for the Smog, than a true-blue Wilco song.

And since I mentioned Golden Smog, here’s a shaky video of my favorite Smog song, “Looking Forward to Seeing You,” at an Obama rally in February.


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