Democrats hate a winner

Pax Arcana

Via Universal Hub comes this hilarious nugget from the San Francisco Sentinel’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention last night. In case you missed it — while you were openly mocking Alex Rodriguez and the hilariously retarded children of George Steinbrenner — the Democrats officially nominated Barack Obama last night.

Here’s what happened when it was Massachusetts’ turn:

There were a few boos at one point — when Massachusetts cast its vote and gave a nod to its sports teams, the Red Sox and the Celtics, the current baseball and basketball champions.

Rumor has it those same boo-birds almost booed New York’s celebration of the Superbowl champion Giants, but stopped short when a dozen union chiefs lifted their index fingers to their lips in unison. It would be a shame if all of Iowa’s building permits were to, you know, get lost or something…

Booing the Great State of Massachusetts [Universal Hub]

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