Dustin Pedroia is a jockey

Pax Arcana

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia went eight for his first eight in the first two games of the hometown nine’s recent series against the Chicago White Sox. This prompted escaped mental patient and White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen to walk Pedroia intentionally with a six-run deficit in the eighth inning of the second game.

Asked about the decision after the game, Guillen made the curious choice to hop on a horse racing metaphor and beat that horse to within an inch of it’s life:

”I never thought I was going to walk a goddamn jockey,” Guillen said of the 5-7 Pedroia, a player he actually admires. ”Walking a guy who just came from being on top of Big Brown. Right now, he’s on a roll. This guy right now is on fire. No matter what you throw up there, he’s going to get it. I can’t believe you can change professions in one year, go from the Kentucky Derby to the Boston Red Sox ballpark.”

While I admire Guillen’s willingness to say interesting things to the press, I’m afraid this is an inaccurate descriptive choice for Pedroia. Everybody with a brain knows Pedroia is not a jockey, but is, in fact, Marvin the Martian.

‘Jockey’ Pedroia whips S. Siders [Sun-Times]



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2 responses to “Dustin Pedroia is a jockey

  1. Dennis

    I’d be very interested in knowing where you got that pic of Marvin the Martian. I colored it myself years ago in Photoshop and now yours is the second time I’ve seen it.

    My work on it isn’t copyrighted or anything so I’m not upset to see it. Actually, I’m kinda flattered! Besides and I have no way of proving it’s mine until I can find the original file. Could be hard since it was about 10 years and 3 Macs ago.

    Anyway, enjoy!


  2. Are you serious?

    You didn’t make this on Photoshop 10 years ago. That claim is just absurd.

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