Sean Casey knows his neck injuries (and Papi knows his movies)

Pax Arcana

Over at his new video blog on, Red Sox back-up first baseman Sean Casey holds forth on everything from haircuts to his induction into the Irish Hall of Fame at a bar in New York.

In his latest installation, the mayor laments being relegated to the disabled list with a neck ouchy and ponders some other famous sports-related neck injuries:

Of course he left out the greatest neck injury in the history of sports — when Patriots CB Maurice Hurst was sidelined with a bulging dick in his neck (scroll to :35), but it’s not a bad job off the top of his head:

Interesting side note — Sean Casey’s mom once indirectly hooked me up with tickets to a 1999 Reds-Rockies game when I was living in Colorado. A friend of mine had gone to Richmond with Casey and, spotting the Reds game on the Rockies’ schedule, just called his mom and asked if there was any way we could see Sean while he was in town. A few days later, Mrs. Casey called my friend Jim back and said there would be 12 tickets waiting for us at the stadium, and that Sean wanted to hang out after the game.

We showed up. Casey didn’t. He went on the DL before the road trip.


Beacuse it was posted just after I originally linked last night, here’s Casey and Papi discussing the big guy’s top five movies of all time:

City Hall []


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