2 of my friends have music blogs

Father Scott

…now, go read them:



Neither updates terribly often, but I can tell you this much: Yoontunes hates Coldplay and Mitchfork is not creative at naming his blog. But he did write a(n unpublished) novel recently, so he still gets my props.



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9 responses to “2 of my friends have music blogs

  1. Music Blogs are dead. Not too impressed with Yoontunes choice of a shitty of montreal album over a very good Old 97s album. Its not that Of Montreals Fag-Rock isnt good, last album was great, its that this album doesnt sound any different. Same beats, just shittier lyrics.

  2. Fallen Angel

    that was tremendous

  3. I never really got into Of Montreal, but I also don’t know them that well. FA hates anything that doesn’t feature dropped-anything tuning and 17 double-bass drums.

  4. So that’s, like, 37 bass pedals?

  5. Fallen Angel

    in a row

  6. Try not to step on any base pedals on your way through the parking lot.

  7. YT

    old 97s, great band, but not in contention on my list. how could you slam hissing fauna when it has that reverb in track 9. nevermind music blogs, better bring the focus of your blog back to manlove. props for hating kidd though.

    i guess top ten is missing out on the important thing, most overrated: pet sounds, joshua tree… viva la vida, x&y, rush of blood, parachutes.

    please tell me FA is ‘fina.

  8. ‘fraid not, but it sounds like a name he’d use for Halo, doesn’t it?

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