Ryan might have a treat for us

Father Scott

Today marks the in-person meeting of Perry Ellis and the Padre, with Pax’s facilitation, for the Ryan Adams concert tonight at Bank of America Pavilion in Boston. And guess what? Ryan might have a surprise waiting. From his blog:

off to jam with possible special guest tomorrow (and no not OASIS)…….but a local.

If I knew more Boston bands I might wage a guess, but I don’t know.

Also, Ryan seems to like our city, naming his entry “p.s. boston is awesomeness”:

i had a fucking awesome day. Boston kick total ass. fucking cool city- never really got a chance to see the sights. it’s damn lovely.



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2 responses to “Ryan might have a treat for us

  1. I’d also like to mention that Kodiak in Cambridge (aka Ginger Huffnpuff) of Andy Katz 360 was there as well. As Perry pointed out last night, the greater Boston blog scene was one well-placed explosive away from serious damage last night.

  2. Perry Ellis

    And as the Padre said, that would affect literally dozens of people.

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