More Monday filler: Bum rush the bums!

Perry Ellis

Ryan Adams prefaced “Wonderwall” with a shout-out to his buds Oasis last night, and Perry Ellis groaned out loud in disgust. The only thing I hate more than Oasis is that song and RA’s version brings it to a new low (it’s a crappy version of an already shitty ditty, as I mentioned to the Padre from our fifth-row seats*).

But I never contemplated physical violence, which is deplorable, inexcusable and occasionally downright hilarious (fast-forward to about the 1:30 mark):

That may be the single most inspiring thing ever to come out of an Oasis show.

* from the back



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4 responses to “More Monday filler: Bum rush the bums!

  1. Holy shit.

    I actually kind of like Oasis, at least that album.

  2. Perry Ellis

    Most people do, but for some reason they just irk the hell out of me. I’m definitely an outlier, though.

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