Don’t get it twisted

Pax Arcana

Did you know that the atomic number of copper is 8?

Of course you didn’t. That’s because you didn’t ride the T down to South Station with Father Scott, Perry Ellis, the courteous and accomodating Mrs. Pax Arcana and I on Sunday night. If you had been on the Red Line with us, you would have learned that and much, much more, courtesy of this gentleman — who offered us a free lesson in inebriated physics:

The good professor, an adjunct lecturer at the Cape Cod school for the wobbly and barely coherent, held forth on all manner of physics topics that evening — from general relativity to the difference between conductors and insulators to the existence of a specialty topic within the field of physics called astro-astrophysics. He also really, really likes to say “Don’t get it twisted!”

Also, did you know that his second favorite physicist is Newton? And that Newton’s first name was Isaac? It’s true! You can look it up!

Just don’t look up the atomic number of copper. Google will tell you it’s 29.

Stupid Google.



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5 responses to “Don’t get it twisted

  1. Perry Ellis

    He smelled nice.

    Favorite quote:

    “F*ck MIT. I’m smarter than anyone from MIT.”

    You got your money’s worth for that fancy phone with this post, Pax.

  2. I especially enjoyed when Mrs. Pax applauded him for knowing something and he kept saying “I’m the best. I’m the best.”

    I also liked when he snapped at me to be quiet when I hadn’t said anything for ten minutes, while Perry Ellis was yapping away like a 12 year old.

  3. Yeah. He didn’t like you one bit.

  4. Perry Ellis

    I still think I should have gotten better than a D in college physics. I know way more than that guy and he’s a professor. I definitely got it twisted over that D.

  5. JBW

    I like the fact that he said he and I were twins. We were twins born on this planet before he went off into outer space.

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