Update: Sorry but it’s still funny


Perry Ellis

Yesterday we relayed the hilarious clip of some dude knocking Noel Gallagher ass-over-teakettle. Turns out it’s not funny anymore:

“Despite his injuries, Noel returned to the stage a few minutes later to complete the band’s set but was taken to hospital after the show to be examined for a suspected fractured rib and ligament damage. The assailant was detained in police custody and will be charged with assault.”

Well, I still hate Oasis (and I still think that shit is kinda funny), but fractured ribs are no joke. That’s gotta hurt like hell (and looking at it again it appears that the guy caught poor Noel from behind and completely unaware, which is the definition of a cgheap shot. Gutless. Punk.)

So hopefully Noel will recover soon so he can get back to torturing people with his crappy songs. Feel better, dude.


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