Some things look like boobies

Pax Arcana

Look, I’m sorry I haven’t posted much recently. But frankly I can’t really work up a fresh head of steam about Tom Brady’s injury or the fact that Jonathan Papelbon forgot that there are other pitches than fastballs.

And bringing up the ongoing good play of the Mets (including Carlos Delgado’s second consecutive two-homer night) seems too dangerously close to jinx territory for comfort.

But look at the bright side, people. The Red Sox are still hot. The Patriots still have a monster of a team despite the massacre at wounded knee.

And there are still an awful lot of things in the world that look like boobies.

For real. Check it out:

The best news is that there’s more where that came from.

Book of breast-like objects [Boing Boing]


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