Unjinxing a jinx

Father Scott

After watching the Sox collapse in two straight nights, I feel compelled to offer Red Sox fans an apology. You see, Fallen Angel, a “die-hard” bandwagon Rays fan, is running around our office saying that everyone can thank me for the sudden turn of events, finding the Rays a confident team and the Sox reeling.

Whoa, a Rays fan. This is like seeing the tooth fairy.

Two nights ago our company softball team completed a doubleheader sweep and I returned to my home to see Jason Bay at the plate with a man on, down one. Don Orsillo was in full “I’m an announcer and I’m building this moment” mode. Fenway sounded excited. Bay launched a low, inside pitch into the Monster seats, the Sox took the lead, and Sox fans everywhere felt, “Good, we still own these guys.” After all, that Red Sox Nation commercial says, “Here, we stop counting at 58,” and Papelbon was coming in.

So in good fun, I sent FA the following text message: ” :) ” [EDIT: My phone does not send emoticons, it was an old-school smiley face. I’m sure Pax bought a My Little Pony application for his iPhone that sends scented emoticons for $1, though.]

We all know what happened next, and then what happened last night thanks to the 79 year old Mike Timlin (Mike: please retire). OK, it’s not entirely Timlin’s fault. The Sox blew a million chances — I won’t even begin to count them. Sure, the umps blew a few calls, and the strike zone was insane, but the Sox had many shots and, at home, should have been able to put away the Rays facing the likes of the mighty JP Howell.

So, my apologies Sox fans. I shouldn’t have taunted Fallen Angel. The Rays are for real. In fact, they’re a very good team. They’re the best team I’ve seen the Sox face this year — I would much rather face LA in the playoffs.



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17 responses to “Unjinxing a jinx

  1. Fallen Angel

    whoa whoa whoa…. i have multiple sources who can refute your “bandwagon” claim.

    however i do believe in jinxes. hence not texting you or anyone else after pena’s homer last night. i was too busy jumping up and down with a shit eating grin on my face as everyone filed out of fenway past me.

  2. You bailed after the ’07 series. You’ve liked individual Rays for fantasy purposes, but you weren’t a fan until this year. Bring your sources all you like, but I remember sitting next to you on a bus in Napa this time last year anxiously awaiting text messages about Clay Buchholz’s no-hitter.

  3. Fallen Angel

    and another thing…TB is averaging over 20,000 fans at the trop for the first time since 1998…their first season.

  4. Fallen Angel

    i bailed after the 2005 post-season. my interest was resurrected somewhat in 2007 and i did enjoy the no-hitter, but i slept through the world series. any emotional attachment died that september. it was like trying to make a failed marriage work one last time…but it fell through.

    i picked the rays .00000008 milliseconds after they traded for matt garza, long before opening day 2008.

  5. So you enjoyed the ’04 World Series, got pissed at that mediocre piece of shit ’05 team, ignored the even more mediocre piece of shit ’06 team, got excited for ’07, at least for the laptop-stealing Buchholz’s no-hitter, when they again won the World Series, and then decided you’d had enough? Just want to get the facts straight.

  6. CRIPPLE FIGHT!!!!!!


  7. Fallen Angel

    i followed the 2005 team very closely. the final straw was damon’s post-game 3 interview where he said the sox needed to re-sign him to put fans in the seats.

    in 2006 and 2007, i only cared about the yankees series. i was a huge david wells mark. in fact, i was rooting for the indians in the 2007 alcs. don’t you remember our droobsie-ralated pillow talk at R&A?

    i enjoyed the no-hitter because my favorite part of baseball is young pitching. it was also pre-my knowledge of the laptops. i’ve been an informal twins fan ever since santana was called up, and a rotation of kazmir/shields/garza/jackson/sonnanstine/price/niemann is orgasmic.

  8. Drubes is the man.

    Damon is enough to turn anyone’s stomach. The guy is to the English language as Carlos Pena is to a reasonable major-league batting average.

    You’re not helping yourself by only caring about the Sox-Yankees series. Is that not the sign of a bandwagon pink-hat fan?

    Your young pitching point is well-founded and cannot be denied.

  9. Fallen Angel

    AND…jp howell is one of the best relievers in baseball this year. the fact they couldn’t get it done against miller and hammel…THAT’s embarrassing.

    only a die-hard rays fan would know that.

  10. Fallen Angel

    “You’re not helping yourself by only caring about the Sox-Yankees series. Is that not the sign of a bandwagon pink-hat fan?”

    My point is, i haven’t been a huge Sox fan since 2005.

  11. Or someone with access to espn.com and 25 seconds of free time on their hands.

  12. Fallen Angel

    nope, the escapades of tampa relievers are well-known.

    this is courtesy of espn: pena hit .282 last season.

  13. I used to think Limburger was the stinkiest cheese. Then I tried Morbier.

  14. Perry Ellis

    All cheese stinks.

  15. Fuck you guys, cheese is delicious.

  16. Fallen Angel

    only if hazel mae licks it first

  17. I love cheese. But Hazel Mae is a frog-faced hag.

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