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Father Scott

Aside from him unnecessarily calling me an “ass clown”, YoonTunes went out of his way to answer my question about the benefits of listening to Radiohead’s Kid A album on vinyl instead of MP3 format. He claims to be “no good at describing sounds” but then goes ahead and describes the sounds he heard on vinyl. An interesting read if you know nothing about the differences. Here’s what he has to say about one of the standout tracks of the album, “The National Anthem.”

in an album that has a lot of drawn out vocals over layers of electric piano drone, guitar riffs, some noise on loop, and bass drums, and when not of it is garbled, kid A makes more sense as music. i was sold on it with national anthem, all that stuff going on with the high hat going and big sound and grungy bass line.

Since I have nothing to add about the benefits of vinyl, here’s a YouTube video of the same song. I know it’s not vinyl quality, but admit it, you don’t want to work. Here’s a four-minute time-killer.


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