Hey you! I no like-a you language

Pax Arcana

As if fomenting shitstorms of hatred in some of the world’s most dangerous places weren’t enough to make the Euros hate us, it looks like our words are creeping into their languages.

First the French revolted against the increased use of English-ish phrases like “le weekend.” Now the Italians have thrown down their meatballs in disgust over the use of words like “welfare,” “briefing,” and the ubiquitous “OK.”

The result is the predictably insane effort to reverse the course of linguistic globalization. Leading the charge is the Dante Alighieri Society:

Over the last four months the society, named after the Florentine poet Dante, author of The Divine Comedy and regarded as the father of the Italian language, asked visitors to its website to nominate their least favourite Anglicisms.

The results judge the ugliest imports to be ‘weekend’, ‘welfare’ and ‘OK’, followed by ‘briefing’, ‘mission’, ‘know how’, ‘shampoo’ and ‘cool’.

The worlds of business and politics contribute many of the alien words, from ‘question time’ to ‘premier’ and ‘bipartisan’.

Other English words regularly used by Italians which escaped the ire of the society’s correspondents include ‘sexy’, ‘webmaster’ and ‘water’, short for water closet or lavatory.

“Italians unite against il weekend”, the society declared on its website. “In short, it is clear that Italians are calling for more respect and more protection for correct language.”

Obviously the Dante Alighieri Society is acting childish here. Here is my response: Beatrice Portinari was uglier than bucket of baccala.

Also, gnocchi is a way uglier word than shampoo.


Italians vote for ugliest English words [Telegraph]



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5 responses to “Hey you! I no like-a you language

  1. Perry Ellis

    As the sole Italianate representative around these parts, I offer this riposte:

    “You fargin’ iceholes. I’ma no read-a you bastidges’ somanumbatching blog-a no more. Dis-a da last time-a you getta kick-a It’ly, you lousy cork-soakers.”

  2. I knew this would hurt you most, my friend.

  3. Perry Ellis

    My Italian side swears I’ll get you for this, you Scandinavian doofus. But my Irish side is loving it. The French side, however, couldn’t care less, and the German side just wants to invade all the others.

  4. Holy hell, how in the world did I not stumble across you guys earlier in my life? Must make up for lost time.
    PS the comments are as good as the blog.

  5. Thanks Jenny. Welcome back any time.

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