Rest in peace, Jack Falla. You were one of the all-time greats.

Perry Ellis

The Esquire informs us that Jack Falla, sports journalism professor at Boston University and one of the best teachers–hell, one of the best people–most of us have ever known, died over the weekend of a heart attack. He was 62.

Our hearts go out to his beloved family, of whom he often spoke. It was obvious that they were the lights of his life, and we sincerely hope they can rejoice in the remembrance of the wonderful person he was.

For our part, we’re counting ourselves blessed to have had the benefit of his tutelage. He had a true gift for teaching about writing; the sports part was just the way in. One mark of his skill as a tutor and mentor is the number of his students are now well-known sports reporters.

But it was mostly Jack’s passion for his craft, and his commitment to passing it along to his students, that made him stand out. He cared deeply for his charges and did everything he could to open doors for them in their professional lives. And he told a damn good joke, too.

So lift a glass for Jack Falla, may he rest in peace. His light burns on his his family and in every student whose life he touched over the years.

We miss you already, Jack.


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