Finally our dogs can feel good about themselves as they lick their own genitals

Pax Arcana

That whooping sound you just heard was the collective exultation of the scientific community, which finally solved one of the great mysteries of the universe — why come some dogs are bald?

Turns out, it has something to do with their genes! No, really:

Tosso Leeb of the University of Bern in Switzerland and colleagues report that dogs that are hairless or nearly so have a mutation in a gene they call FOXI3.

The researchers compared the genomes of hairless and coated dogs from three breeds — the Chinese crested, and the Mexican and Peruvian hairless. It had been known that hairlessness (accompanied by tooth abnormalities) in these breeds is caused by a single dominant gene, but the precise gene was unknown.

Oh thank God. Finally, we can bring some peace and dignity to bald dogs everywhere. Just a few cycles of painful gene therapy and these proud puppies will be back on their paws, romping through a dewy meadow with a thick, lustrous coat of hair.

I know this isn’t good news for my line of dog toupees (aka Dr. Barky’s Hair Restoration System), but I was always in it for the dogs. Always.

Not only our spokesdog. Also a client.

That Dog Is Bald, and Now We Know Why [NY Times]


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