The Renewed Mind is the Key

Pax Arcana

Good morning, brothers and sisters. I trust you arrived at your workplaces comfortable in the knowledge that there is a God above who loves you (unless you’re a Phillies fan, naturally).

What’s that? You’re not sure about this God business? Seems a little silly to align your entire belief structure around a supernatural being first conceived of by desert nomads 2,000 years ago?

Well in that case, please accept my invitation to renew your motherfucking mind. Quickly, before they take down this hilarious video:

Nope. Not creepy at all.

Hat tip to Dr. French Fry



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4 responses to “The Renewed Mind is the Key

  1. i never want to see another internet video again. except maybe that one of the croatian pop singer guzzling champagne out of the bottle and having sex with the married rich guy on his yacht. that one was pretty good, too.

    but this one is the best. the best ever. ever ever ever? ever ever ever.

  2. That dude in the middle’s got some rhythm, baby.

  3. drfrenchfry

    make sure to watch until the break dancing solo at the 1minute 57second mark. i told Pax it’s time to start taking notes.

  4. Not Zucchini

    I fear them more than Children of the Corn.

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