Tuesday Tubby Tearfest

Father Scott

Wow. Even the one regular post that I don’t neglect got neglected this week. I totally spaced on the fact that The Biggest Loser is tonight, which is ridiculous because half the reason I named this post Tuesday Tubby Tearfest was to remember that it’s on Tuesday. Oh well.

So, with limited time, I’ll skip my usual string of Bob-maintains-gay-relationships-with-the-male-contestants-and-Jillian-regularly-beats-her-contestants-then-takes-fellow-corpse-eater-Rachel-Nichols-out-for-a-seafood-dinner tomfoolery and cut to the chase:


My count came in at 12, I think, so I was wrong in taking the over last week.

This week, I’m keeping the over/under high. There’s some road-trip element going on, which means a new setting and a lack of routine. This means even more vulnearbility for these human versions of Crisco.

So the line is 15.5. I again will take the over, which I think I do every week.


Don’t know. But I know this much; they need to start breaking up these teams, they’re down to like 12 people already. I’m going with the pain-in-the-ass couple Brady and Vicky. Why? Cause they’re annoying and I want them to go home.

Good fences make good separation from assholes



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2 responses to “Tuesday Tubby Tearfest

  1. They obliterated the over/under…I lost track, but I’m sure it was over 20. That shit was emotional.

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