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Father Scott

The only thing I’ve liked more than my beard in 2008 is Lil Wayne. Suffice it to say that when this year’s top 3,491 songs of 2008 series of posts on Pax Arcana rolls around, Tha Carter III will be featured prominently.

And now Lil Wayne has joined the likes of noted luminaries Andre Ethier, Marshawn Lynch, and Ben Yoon in the blogosphere.

Lil Wayne’s blog is hosted by ESPN, which means that a trust-fund-aided Princeton student likely types it up and intentionally misspells a few things that Wayne has recorded on a voicemail. He proved his sports fanhood by tattooing ESPN on his arm a few months ago, which, based on his propensity for ink, means that ESPN is one of his 400,000,000 favorite things in the world.

Anyway, a few points of interest: Mr. Carter is a Packers and Red Sox fan, but still cheers for departed players Brett Favre and Manny Ramirez. The New Orleans Nightmare even responds to reader feedback asking why he isn’t a Saints fan:

People were also asking in the blog comments why don’t I like the Saints? I do like the Saints, but I’m not a Saints fan first, and that’s only because that shows my true love for sports. I’m not just gonna choose a favorite team just ’cause that’s my city. The only reason why I’m a Saints fan is because that’s my city, but I’m a true Packers fan.

Cogent. And his thoughts on the baseball playoffs, which start in mere moments.

The Red Sox start the playoffs this week, and my thoughts are up in the air about them because, honestly, their chances are up in the air. I’m so grateful they made the post-season, but I’m kind of not sure about them. You know how you can envision a team in the World Series? I don’t see them. I close my eyes and I see the Tampa Bay Rays. I’m a big emotion guy. I’m a heart guy, and I think they all play that way.

Might as well go on the record (since my NFL picks seem to be going so well): I like Sox over Rays and Dodgers over Brewers in the championship series, with the Sox getting another title over LA in 5.

Keep your eye on the ball, kids


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  1. I always wonder how someone so insanely brilliant with words in the recording studio can’t formulate a coherent, complete thought in another format. It’s not just Jeezy, either. There must be some sort of disconnect between the different types of writing.

    Or they concentrate harder on the formats that pay them millions.

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