Crickets chirping

Father Scott

To be a fish, you need water.

To be a criminal, you need an innocent victim.

To be a blogger, or any effective member of the workforce, you need a computer.

Our dear friend Pax forgot this last part. Getting ready for work this morning, Senor Arcana forgot that part of his job is to bring his work-issued laptop, you know, to work. So he’s in the dark ages, leafing through “papers” at his desk and wondering what all the incessant clacking is, while zombies no doubt lurk without proper supervision throughout the intertubes.

So this here site should be a little quiet today, unless Perry thinks of a 12,000 screed about The Hold Steady.

Anyway, I don’t have any ideas, so just watch this Japanese commercial of Daisuke Matsuzaka to get yourself properly amped for tonight’s game.



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4 responses to “Crickets chirping

  1. You forgot that I can do whatever I want — including make fun of your beard — from my iPhone. It’s awesome. It’s like a phone and a lightsaber and an Internet machine all in one.

  2. Liar. I see you working on a computer over there. Since when does our company have enough dough for extra machines lying around?

  3. You just have to sweet talk the IT department. I brought a barrel of doughnuts down there.

  4. Perry Ellis

    You’re making fun of me for 12,000-word logorrhea? Seriously, Padre? That’s like Palin knocking Biden for being too chirpy.

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