Fun with the MLB offseason

Father Scott

For some light Friday sports reading, Tim at MLBTradeRumors imagines if you could completely retool a baseball team out of the upcoming free agency class and likely trade targets, what kind of team you could put together.

He notes that in addition to the prospects given up to acquire popular trade candidates (Matt Holliday, Gerald Laird, Aubrey Huff, etc.), you’d likely shell out $180 million in free agent deals for ’09. I wonder if that means this class is better or worse than the usual?

This is what the everyday lineup would look like:

SS Rafael Furcal
2B Orlando Hudson
LF Manny Ramirez
1B Mark Teixeira
RF Matt Holliday
DH Aubrey Huff
3B Adrian Beltre
CF Marlon Byrd
C Gerald Laird

Kind of an intriguing lineup, no? Of course, the defense is pretty dreadful (that’s a slow outfield). Anyway, the exercise is entirely pointless but kind of fun, so check out the whole post for a little more commentary and the pitching rotation.


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