Pax Scandinavia: “Oh we are so screwed! Er, maybe not” edition

Perry Ellis

I’m “working” from home today, which means I’m keeping an eye on a few RSS feeds on the off chance something comes through that’s important enough for me to stop browsing the Interwebs for the mildly titillating (titillating is a funny word).

So I was minding my own business, checking out Sarah Palin’s debate strategy, when this came in over the transom and caused me to spray jasmine tea all over the monitor:

Pax Joins Megger Group to Expand Transformer Test Product Line

For a second, I thought a bunch of Scandinavian dweebs wanted to buy our site and turn us into electrical engineering zombie slaves.

Turns out instead the Swedish nerdy types stole our brilliant, catchy name and slapped it on some type of technical-related doodad thingy:

“The Pax IDAX range of Dielectric Frequency Response Analyzers are designed for measuring moisture in power transformers as well as testing insulation material in various power system products. The IDAX300 represents the latest generation in the well-known IDA/IDAX range of instruments and represents a breakthrough in terms of weight-performance ratio. With its optimised design the test set is three times smaller and lighter and performs insulation characterisation twice as fast as its predecessor IDA200.”

So no threat from the zombies, but still, they ripped us off, right? Straight-up stole our groundbreaking moniker for their own dorky purposes.

Wait, what’s that you say? The Swedish brainiacs founded their Pax in 2004? We were up then, right?

No? Ah. I see.

Nothing to see here. Carry on.


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