On my way to naming my fantasy basketball team…

Father Scott

This morning I found myself searching for a name for my fantasy basketball team. I couldn’t go with Da Altar Boyzzz like my football team due to the fact that my religiously-themed names would only be understood by work friends and/or those who know me via the small corner of the Internet that Pax Arcana inhabits.

I didn’t go with Internet phenomena, because I’m not a tool.

Since the league is comprised of fellow graduates of Brunswick High School in picturesque Brunswick, Maine, the home to the Dragons, I found myself looking for a play on that, and wound up with Dragonslayerzzz, which allowed me to employ the tasteful three Zs of Da Altar Boyzzz while also referencing something common to the league.

Of course after finding a team name, the next big problem to solve is uncovering a team avatar. I usually have a veritable cornucopia (the verbiage of Pax’s earlier post, much like his loins, was contagious) of cross images, but again, I couldn’t go with that. Surely there would be some lame image from like a fantasy novel, right?

It didn’t take me long to uncover the greatest art site by a prisoner on these here Interwebs.

Real-prison-art.com houses the works of Doug Real, who, as you might have guessed from his clever URL, is in prison at Mule Creek State Prison. Here’s his bio:

My name is Doug Real, and I am a 39 year old first-termer with seventeen years into two drug-related 27-Life sentences. I am 6’4”, 250 lbs., and originally from Milpitas. I’ve been drawing for the past seven years, but I am not as prolific as I’d like to be as a result of college studies (Ohio University), self-help programs, exercise, and the ubiquitous prison work assignment.

I’ve experimented with a variety of mediums, including plastic engraving and three years of tattooing, but I rely mostly on pen and color pencil work. I may try working in acrylics after I complete my current academic goal. I have also attempted to accommodate requests for original tattoo designs by my friends in the Bay Area. At my current rate I complete about six drawings a year, half of which have been by commission.

I’m unable to access the ‘Net, but if you wish to contact me regarding my artwork, please do so by mail.

Doug Real

My team logo is a nice drawing of his called Dragon Slayer, which you can see here. I’d love to just post it in here, but Doug notes that it is copyrighted material, and I’m going to respect his wishes by not posting it on the site.

I hope you enjoyed all of this at least 10% as much as I did.



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