Wednesday Weighty Waterworks

Father Scott

I only caught a bit of last night’s Biggest Loser, thanks to our softball team having an absurdly late game. At least it was worthwhile: we lost by 19 and Pax at one point attempted to saw my face off for being so terrible as a pitcher, batter, and evangelical motivator.

Anyway, they’ve got another hour tonight, which I’m guessing is a continuation of last night’s, with emphasis on the last-chance workout and the voting part.

Based on the first hour, I think the brown team will be in the mix. They tried to get us to be sympathetic toward Vicky and/or Bob, but no luck there. We also learned that Shellay is not good at following directions. How can you not be motivated by this?



I’ve got a feeling it’s either Shellay or Bob tonight. Neither seems to care much, and with the new voting policy in which the losing team chooses which of its own two to send home, it’ll be one of them if one of their teams goes.


It’s only an hour-long show, but it’s the money hour with the weigh-ins. The over/under is 9.5; I’m actually taking the under. There was a lot of contact from home this week between the visit home for Phil and Amy (did you know their youngest kid is autistic? No, really, he is), and then the packages that they got to look at after the challenge (so I read the recap, shoot me). I think they got most of their emotions out with this stuff and will be fairly composed. Plus, if it’s the brown team who loses, they don’t really like each other that much anyway, it’ll just be a shouting match and whoever gets hoarse first will go home.


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8 responses to “Wednesday Weighty Waterworks

  1. I don’t really have a horse in this one yet. I liked the Somerville guys enough, and the purple team seemed nice, but all in all this team doesn’t seem to have the charisma/train wreck/interestingnesses that the last few seasons had.

    By the way I might be a TTT contestant for Halloween. I’d just buy a 6XL Biggest Loser shirt from their Web site and walk around in it.

  2. I’ll be Jillian. I’ll follow you and Mrs. Pax around, threatening to dismember you.

  3. Perry Ellis

    Nothing will top the “To: Women. From: God” costume from a few years back, Pax. Nothing.

  4. Yeah, that one was pretty good.

  5. Fallen Angel

    i have never watched the show, but that girl who yells at everyone is smokin’

  6. Hmm. You must be gay.

    I think I nailed it, think it came in under 9.5. I have to admit I was distracted though…between Bill Walker’s slam dunk contest in the preseason game and the completely uninteresting cast TBL has this year, it’s tough to stick with it.

  7. And why is Jillian pretending to be a psychologist now?

  8. Don’t you remember?!?!?! Her mom is a psychologist!!!!!!!! ZOMG she’s qualified

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