Doc Rivers assuages my fears

Father Scott

Like any reasonably-tempered Celtics fan, I found myself jumping up and down and texting hysterically after Bill Walker’s preseason debut the other night.

I loved the Walker pick immediately. I prep for the draft as if I’m a GM, and I kept finding myself coming back to him as the guy the Celts should take, similar to how I talked myself into Rondo a few years ago (big hands mean big…playmaking ability). In both cases, Danny passed and waited for better value, when Wyc’s deep pockets allowed him to buy extra picks.

Anyway, you couldn’t help but be at once sucked in by Walker’s high-flying performance, while also feeling it was eerily similar to a previous high-flyer we had.

Basketball makes my head hurt

I hate Gerald Green. I hate him. I hate anyone who shows promise but is too dumb to capitalize on it. How can you be such a waste of talent?

So this Doc quote from Scott Souza (via TrueHoop) certainly eases my mind:

Celtics coach Doc Rivers and rookie Bill Walker are already on the same page when it comes to one thing about the forward’s impressive preseason debut Wednesday night at UMass-Amherst. It wasn’t just about the dunks. ‘We’ve had a lot of athletes here that people have gotten excited about who can dunk,’ noted Rivers, managing the discipline not to blurt out the name Gerald Green following yesterday’s workout at HealthPoint. ‘But you’ve got to learn how to play the game. The dunks were nice, obviously, because he got on SportsCenter. But I just thought his play was nice. I thought he played under control.’

I’m in total agreement with the Beast Lair — I can’t wait to watch this kid progress.


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