Overcoming my own ‘Ugh’

Father Scott

To quote sage viking Pax, “Ugh.” That Sox game was brutal; mercifully, NBC provided The Biggest Loser as an alternative (apologies to Pax readers: I omitted Tuesday Tubby Tearfest because I anticipated watching the game instead. It’ll be back next week).

It’s frustrating when your team lets you down because you use sports as an escape from real life. But then I remembered something: there is an escape for sports, too. Fantasy sports.

I’m joining a pretty competitive fantasy basketball league this year (as I previously mentioned here) and have been doing some research to make the mighty Dragonslayerzzz as…mighty as possible. Fantasy basketball isn’t as wide-spread, so there are limited resources, but I’ve found three pretty solid blogs. I can’t vouch for how effective their strategies are, but they’re fun to read.

Dragonslayerzzz march on to victory. (Awesome image copyright Doug Real, real-prison-art.com. Check it out people.)

1. Points in the Paint. Recently participated in a mock draft and did an eight-round pick-by-pick analysis of it. I’m still going through it, but it’s certainly worthwhile thus far. He also looks specifically at head-to-head play (which my league is), which I don’t think is covered elsewhere.

2. Give Me the Rock. I haven’t spent as much time on this site, but it has the advantage of multiple writers, which means it’s more likely to last. There’s some overlap with PITP, as they were in the same mock draft and seem to site each other occasionally. They also do a good job of linking to regular basketball information, such as blogger previews of their teams, and have their own big boards both individually and with combined rankings.

3. Fantasy Basketball Jedi. A name of supreme dorkiness. Props for his blog format (I feel like I’m at home). he’s going through team-by-team analysis. I haven’t noticed anything terribly different from what you’ll read elsewhere (though admittedly most rankings find everyone within about ten spots of each other regardless of the source), but he’s a good writer and keeps it short and simple. He also commented on Bill Simmons’ recent piece offering (overly complicated) suggestions for altering fantasy basketball.



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4 responses to “Overcoming my own ‘Ugh’

  1. btw Pax, there’s a little too much me on this blog right now. What are you, a little too busy with “work” right now?

  2. Not really. It’s that subscription to the recreational drugs of the month club that has really cut into my blogging time.

  3. You’ve been hanging out with Perry again?

  4. fantasyaddict

    I swear if I thought anyone was going to read my blog I would have never named it Fantasy Basketball Jedi. Oh, the regret.

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