We have our (new) candidate

Pax Arcana

It has recently come to my attention that Nurglon — whom we anointed our preferred vice presidential candidate back in September — is not a credible candidate at all, but is in fact a human-devouring space monster hell bent on conquering the planet and destroying the very fabric of human existence.

Our bad.

But fear not, Paxites. We have a new candidate now.

Say hello to La Pequeña Sarah Palin:

I think we all feel a bit better now.

La Pequeña Sarah Palin (Thank You Jesus) [Boing Boing]



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2 responses to “We have our (new) candidate

  1. Esquire

    I am creeped right out.

  2. drfrenchfry

    i sort of want to vomit and cry and hide in a corner all at the same time. that was SO disturbing.

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