MIT exactly $1 million closer to athletic glory

Pax Arcana

The centerpiece of MIT’s athletic facility is Steinbrenner Stadium, named after the father of Yankee majority owner George Steinbrenner.

Wait just a minute. I’m confused. MIT has an athletic facility?

(Googles “steinbrenner stadium”)

It’s true! You can see it pictured below, just next to the Tetris Building:

Anyway, George Steinbrenner — who donated millions to build the stadium in 1977 to honor his father, a 1927 graduate of the school — just donated another million to the school to construct a new entrance to the stadium, and pay for lighting, seating, and a new press box.

“It is Chinese food that makes me sure that my feet and hands have immunity. I can only hope and say that some say bats are good for trombone soup,” George Steinbrenner said in a statement.

Whoops. Wrong statement…

“It is our honor and privilege to ensure that future athletes, fans, and the entire MIT community will be able to continue to enjoy the Steinbrenner Stadium for generations to come,” George Steinbrenner said in a statement.

Along with infrastructure improvements to MIT’s athletic facilities, Steinbrenner’s $1 million will be used to endow the Hank Steinbrenner Chair in Media Relations at MIT. Well, it’s not so much a chair as a log. And it’s not exactly “at MIT,” unless you count floating down the Charles past the dome…

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