Why you should eat the whole pig

Pax Arcana

If you can squeeze some extra time out of your today, please go here and watch this video of people eating the entire head of a pig.

No, it’s not what you think. Unless you think it’s awesome. Which it kind of is.

The video at the site, by the awesomely named videoblog “A Sky Full of Bacon” follows the efforts of one man — and one husband/wife chef team — to purchase, cook, and eat the head of a pig.

Why? Because you can’t just grow the bacon is why.

And because eating the whole animal has to be a crucial part of the ethical calculation of the expanding “locavore” movement. That’s because while the industrial agricultural machine is actually quite good at making full use of all those tails, lungs, stomach linings, ears, livers, and other non-tenderloin parts, it is more difficult for local farmers to do the same — because they don’t have the financial flexibility or economies of scale to sell off the icky bits or process them into dog food or whatever. It would greatly help those local farmers stay in business if we didn’t make them waste whole parts of the animal.

Also, if you want to get moral about it, you could say we owe to the animals that lost their lives for our temporary satiety. Eating only a small portion of them while casting the rest out to the compost heap is just disrespectful.

Also, because head cheese is goddamn delicious.

Sky Full of Bacon #4: A Head’s Tale [Sky Full of Bacon]



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2 responses to “Why you should eat the whole pig

  1. This is nothing new…have you not had Tamales before?? In case you didnt know Tamales are typically made from Pig’s Heads.

    Quite a disturbing revelation for me a few years ago when I was at the Grocery store and this lady was buying 2 pigs heads!

  2. Eating pig heads is nothing new, but buying them yourself is. People will order delicious pig head parts at a restaurant (see: Guancale) without actually knowing where it comes from, but not many will lug the thing back from the farmers market. That was the point.

    Also, what the fuck part of the tamale is made from pig head? The masa is made from corn meal and lard, right?

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