A deep, deep World Series question

Pax Arcana

The Question — What’s the only thing sadder than the Rays and Phillies both playing in the same World Series?

The Answer — Big Bird singing at Jim Henson’s funeral:

Hat tip — Boing Boing



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56 responses to “A deep, deep World Series question

  1. fallen angel

    wow umps are killing the rays again. victorino was tagged out twice in one inning. ladies and gentlemen…b.j. upton.

  2. Fallen Angel

    poop wasn’t logged in.

    at least kazmir isn’t looking at his feet…yet. throw bendy things mang.

    why zobrist over rocco? fuck mitochondrial myopathy.

  3. Fallen Angel

    i’m appointing myself live blogger.

    hamels ain’t got shit. we were no-hit for 3 in game 7 by an “untouchable” lefty. benny boo boo will get this place rockin’ in the 3rd.

    also, garza yelling “don’t test the cannon!” is the greatest thing to ever happen to fox sounds of the game.

  4. Fallen Angel

    jayson werth can suck my balls. he’s fired from my championship fantasy team.

  5. Fallen Angel

    mt. howard, THAT is a bendy thing.

  6. Fallen Angel

    mr. burrell, see above

  7. Fallen Angel

    how awesome is it that gogol bordello got their music into a commerical being shown during the world series? i want to unite with the lunatics as a wanderlust king.

  8. Fallen Angel

    bossman wtf

  9. Fallen Angel

    bossman wtf

    (not a double post)

  10. Fallen Angel

    rocco wtf. why you dippin

  11. Fallen Angel

    i already hate shane victorino

  12. Fallen Angel

    why to ruin crazy carl’s homer you fucks. tbs set the bar so low, and fox is somehow managed to be worse so far.

  13. Fallen Angel

    werth looks just like edge from the wwe. edge is in hell btw. literally. the undertaker sent him there.

  14. Fallen Angel

    “i think you’ll see that pitch again….nope”

    story of mccarver’s broadcasting career.

  15. Fallen Angel

    i hope navarro and ruiz were discussing how awesome hugo chavez is. because i would agree.

  16. Fallen Angel


  17. Fallen Angel

    BOO YEAH AKI. padre, suck it.

  18. Fallen Angel

    also, there’s no chance for upton to hit into a double play. well done.

  19. Fallen Angel


    upton i’m gonna tear your other labrum.

    oh well, a telling point for sir tim mccarver. the ankle wiggle step is a “timing device” he learned in A-level baseball. padre, suck it x2.

  20. Fallen Angel

    i want to bone #22 in these bud light commercials.

  21. Fallen Angel

    fuckin cheap hits. this is unbelievable.

    pena needs the wily mo pena ludicrous glove. holy shit they have the same last name.

  22. Fallen Angel

    why isnt the mad australian not warming up? fosters is the only beer i have in the house and i can’t touch it until he comes it.

  23. Fallen Angel

    whoa! the taco bell dude is hella british.

  24. Fallen Angel

    well, kazmir gave the rays a chance to win. now we need to finally cash in. if the 3-4-5 hitters go 1-2-3, i will slap padre across the face tomorrow at work.

  25. Fallen Angel

    slap averted

  26. Fallen Angel






    umpire screw job #2.

  27. Fallen Angel


  28. Fallen Angel

    hope it was a good batch of ppj and doritos.

  29. Fallen Angel

    please stop showing these balk replays i’m going to slit my wrists.

  30. Fallen Angel

    whatever happens, at least the swing by howard made me lol.

  31. Fallen Angel

    screw job #3. howard should be on the bench.

  32. Fallen Angel

    1. i meant to type “lawl”

    2. failed to mention i did a barrel roll across my floor when they showed a replay of the non-called 3rd strike.

    3. thank you for swinging at that ryan.

  33. Fallen Angel

    this is inexplicable.

    umpire screwjob #4.

  34. Fallen Angel


  35. Fallen Angel


    shane you done looked silly.

  36. Fallen Angel

    [refraining from obscenity-laced tirade re: god-bless america at baseball games]

  37. Fallen Angel

    i love him by the fat catcher has been useless offensively all postseason

  38. Fallen Angel


    a commercial for indian jones 4. aka the worst movie of 2008. quite ironic after the epic rant from the wisffl co-commissioner literally 4 seconds ago.

    also, please stop showing the vacation directv commerial.

    also also, jack bauer sucks.

  39. Fallen Angel

    that was officially the most absurd breaking ball i have ever seen.

    i love you grant.

  40. Fallen Angel

    directv ad #5

  41. Fallen Angel

    6 more outs. taco man, then the top. let’s fucking do this.

  42. Fallen Angel

    6 more outs. taco man, then the top. let’s fucking do this.

  43. Fallen Angel

    yes madson is pitching, but i need to say, how convenient everyone forgot romero burned out in the AL. i call now he blows at least one game.

  44. WISFFL Co-Commissioner


    Pax – this world series is seventy-nine trillion times better than that movie.

    I have to go cry myself to sleep.

  45. Fallen Angel

    foster’s #2.

    here comes black hole

  46. Fallen Angel

    gomes just caught that ball with his teeth

  47. Fallen Angel


    step 1: no runs

    step 2: pena ganks one

  48. Fallen Angel


    go blog about jimmy

  49. Fallen Angel

    about it*

  50. Fallen Angel

    was that the edgecution, the edge-o-matic, or shall we go old-school with the downward spiral?

    wiki THOSE moves pax

  51. Fallen Angel

    miller time

    aka 4-pitch walk

  52. Fallen Angel

    jk jk jk i meant 4-pitch K

    dan wheeler

    3-run jack

    in before it happens

  53. Fallen Angel

    wheeler i love you.

    but you were a shitty dorm at holy cross.

    it’s gankin time.

  54. Fallen Angel

    ok so playing ole by the bouncing souls did not work there

  55. Fallen Angel

    baseball is stupid

  56. Maybe you need more cowbell.

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