Coming Tonight! World Series Live Blog at Pax Arcana

Pax Arcana

Bored with baseball? Yeah, me too. Plus both teams in this year’s World Series are asshole teams.

But there’s good news on the horizon. Tonight, instead of just sitting on your couch, desperately trying to scrape the sound of Tim McCarver from the insides of your ear canals, why not participate in a live blog of all the fast, furious, fake turf, fuckin’ catwalk World Series action?

Fallen Angel led the charge last night during game one, executing a perfect one-man play in the comments section of this post in which he recreated Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s 55 stages of grief when your team tanks in Game 1 of a big series. He ran the gamut from rage to fury to anger to vitriol to invective to indignance to bargaining to mania and back to rage.

Because he is evidently a self-loathing masochist (remember, FA is from Melrose, MA but inexplicably roots for the Rays), the evil one has volunteered to light the torch once more. Only this time, we’re opening the door to everyone. I look forward to a wholly unproductive and profanity-laced back and forth.

Now would be a good time to gather your Matt Garza insults.

Tune back in at 6 p.m. for more details.


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