World Series Live Blog: Game 2

Pink-hatted Raysist Fallen Angel cleverly hijacked the comments section of our Big Bird funerary dirge post to grunt his way through an impromptu live blog of Game 1 of the World Series. I thought it was awesome. He wants to do it again. I invite Paxists from all over the globe — Padre, Perry, NotZucchini, Spackler, PIAB, et al. — to participate in this adventure and steal some of Fallen Angel’s righteous fury. Then steal his lunch money. I may be able to peel myself away from my professional obligations to do the same.

Here’s how it works:

1. You watch the ball game on television.

2. You set your favorite Web browser to Pax Arcana.

3. You click on the “Comments” link at the bottom of this post.

4. You comment throughout the game. Hit refresh on your browser to see what dumb-ass shit the others are posting.

It’s not like you have anything better going on, right?

– Pax Arcana



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95 responses to “World Series Live Blog: Game 2

  1. Not Zucchini

    To kick this off: Evan Longoria is soooooo cuuuuuute <3

  2. Fallen Angel

    i literally just logged in to take first post. thanks for ruining my night.

    although i have to agree with your comment.

    i got my shields t-shirt, garza jersey, gin and tonics, and fosters and i’m ready for this.

    also, verizon summarizes the world series tonight as “ryan howard and the phillies face akinori iwarmura and the rays.” aki is now that national face of the franchise. i love it.

    in other news, i am giving up the second ever live TNA impact! zucchini can tell you why i missed the first one. wrestling will be rearing its not ugly head a few times tonight.

  3. Fallen Angel

    face of the franchise with the first out. i need to get drunk.

    holy shit jonny gomes is god.

  4. Fallen Angel

    edge ain’t got shit on dirtbag. what a play.

  5. Fallen Angel

    i hate jon gruden. why couldn’t they have lined up the rays again like last night so crazy carl could mess up his lines and bartlett could get cut off.

  6. Fallen Angel

    remember when brett myers beat his wife in the streets of boston?

    thunder thighs on base already

  7. Fallen Angel

    that was the most productive out haverhill has ever seen.

    next time he needs to gank one so i can crank the bouncing souls. i feel many ring of honor references coming tonight.

  8. Fallen Angel

    i need friends who are rays fans. i am lonely.

    where’s jen sterger at?

  9. Fallen Angel


    i hope he busts out the pajamas tonight

  10. Fallen Angel

    we’re up to 2 directv ads already.

    can someone please tell my where else the black dude in the BL commerical is from? and also why #22 hasn’t been on yet?

  11. Fallen Angel

    if john burkett bowled a 300, cliff floyd would score a 301.

  12. Nice play by Rollins. Cliff is one of the few Rays I can tolerate, on account of he was a good Met on a bad, bad Mets team.

  13. Fallen Angel

    if john burkett bowled a 300, cliff floyd would score a 301.

    also, he’s awesome, but chase looked like a 2 year old skipping after that ball.

  14. Fallen Angel

    i remember!

    the bud light guy is the animal shooting free throws with the townies in the bar in that cingular ad!

  15. Does Brett Myers have to choke a bitch?

    Oh sorry, looks like you made that joke already.

  16. Nice hometown umping you got there…

  17. Fallen Angel

    exactly what language is kerwin speaking with his hands?

    also, mccarver has pissed me off ofr the first time. did he go around, yes. wht is OBVIOUSLY a strikeout? not quite, givin the arbitrary nature of the call and some of the previous blown swinging calls.

  18. Fallen Angel

    at least the gidp is off

  19. This fucking physics professor freaks me out.

  20. Fallen Angel

    too bad this isn’t vintage base ball. with rocco making the final out, bartlett would be leading off again.

    also, the old dudes in TNA (sting, nash, bookah, and angle) have dubbed themselves the main event mafia. i love it.

    so close to champion aj.

  21. Fallen Angel

    i agree, i do not like that man.

  22. Jayson Werth looks like he should be playing lacrosse at Hobart

  23. Fallen Angel

    ugh i have such distain for lax players. especially that bastard nick fox.

    at least he got the internal memo from the boxmen to stop hitting now that the fantasy season is over.

  24. I missed the first couple innings. I don’t care how the Rays scored, however, did McCarver say anything completely ridiculous yet?

  25. Fallen Angel

    christian just calle bookah t a cheap little john impersonator.

    maybe he can come to st. pete’s to help his brother edge.

  26. Fallen Angel

    sadly, nothing egregious from timmy.

  27. No one knows what you’re talking about.

  28. Fallen Angel

    to quote draysbay, i understand the concept of working the count. carl crawford is retarded at it.

  29. Fallen Angel

    directv #3. we need a franktv ad to mix things up.

  30. I’m not watching the game, nor am I participating in the live blog. I just wanted to drop by to say “you suck” and let you know that I sincerely hope that a case of malaria ravages the Rays clubhouse.

  31. Not Zucchini

    The Phillies closer is cute too. I hope he throws the ball wicked fast again, later!!!! OMG that would be so awesoooooome.

    (Papelbon is way better looking tho, rofl.)

  32. Oh yeah well YOU SUCK.

    Nice job with the softball games, both of you. SW1 and I were very impressed.

    Here’s an actual quote from the producer of this event, who swears she is a quality player who will consider next summer:

    “Why do you guys suck so bad?”

  33. Fallen Angel

    mccarver needs to cease saying “wee-ums”

  34. Fallen Angel

    i wasn’t at the games son.

    is that amy t? laura has a message to deliver to her from me.

  35. Not Zucchini

    That’s what she said?

  36. Oh you quit the Sisterhood like you quit the Red Sox?

  37. Fallen Angel

    bad hitter vision at the trop < cutting out the mics at gillette.

    didn’t quite. just know my priorities.

  38. Is Pedro Feliz the only Dominican Amish person?

  39. Not Zucchini

    Tom Brady is the cutest athlete, obvi. Like Father Scott but without the beard.

  40. Fallen Angel

    perdro feliz churned butter once or twice

    living in an amish paradise.

  41. Some people we work with say I look like Father Scott without the beard. In fact, they call me “Scott,” despite the fact that it’s not my real name.

  42. Fallen Angel

    they just had a 2-minutes x-division championship match.

    it was shorter than the non-title woman’s match that kicked off the show.


  43. Fallen Angel

    really? people just call me sexgod.

  44. Fallen Angel


  45. Is FA watching wrestling and the Rays at the same time?

    He’s just one pair of jorts away from fulfilling his destiny…

  46. Fallen Angel

    damn straight

    speaking of squeeze, anyone who has played rock band 2 has had the joy of playing cool for cats. aka the WORST song for solos ever. imagine…they did both that AND tempted. ridiculous that it’s the same band.

  47. I remember when I thought the chin-only goatee was awesome. I was 16, and it was 1992.

    Looks good on you, though, James Shields.

  48. Fallen Angel

    jim hickey IS the onevoice

  49. Werth just smoked that ball.

  50. Fallen Angel



  51. Not Zucchini

    Your name isn’t Scott? I’ll never be able to tell you apart.

  52. Fallen Angel

    oh man i am rocking out so hard to edge’s theme song right now.

    here’s a link for reference. is that not werth?

  53. Not Zucchini

    Cena > Edge

  54. If I were a woman, I’d probably be insulted that Chevy tries to sell me a car by running a commercial in which it literally rains shoes.

  55. Carlos Pena: The best thing from Haverhill since Tom Bergeron.

  56. Fallen Angel

    i would argue rob zombie. or spyder for that matter.

    see pena run!

  57. Fallen Angel

    evan longoria is a jamoke.

  58. Evan Longoria’s head is too small for his body.

  59. Between Myers, Crawford, Werth, and Ayer, this goddamn game is like the dictionary of retarded facial hair.

  60. Not Zucchini

    I’m more likely to buy a product that uses shoes to sell to me than one that uses Peyton Manning. I can’t even eat Oreos anymore. :(

  61. Fallen Angel

    yeah but crazy carl’s pieces tat pwns your soul

  62. What’s the over/under on the number of drinks Charlie Manuel has before each game? I’m saying 14.

  63. Carl’s neck tat is an omega. Sorry, but frat boys don’t get love for frat-tats…

  64. Fallen Angel

    does that include shots of larry bowa’s blood?

  65. Pat “The Bat” Burrell is the dumbest nickname in sports. Oh, he plays baseball? And he swings a bat? Really? How clever

  66. Not Zucchini

    Norwegian girls are sluttyyyyyyyyyy

  67. Fallen Angel


    radio fail

  68. Fallen Angel

    also, finlandia girls are the class of the world

  69. All but one, apparently…

  70. They have a weird food in Helsinki. At these street meat carts they sell hamburgers that taste like Chinese food. They’re awesome and strange all at the same time. Like Daisuke Mousesuzaka.

  71. Dan Wheeler + 5 years = Jeff Reardon

  72. Fallen Angel

    SHIT! could have used that out.

    dan wheeler = new englander #3 on the rays. most new englandy team in the MLB.

    wish i had something other than fosters….

  73. Sure, Tim. BJ Upton resembles nobody more than Gary Maddox.

  74. Fallen Angel

    that chick in the gillette commercial is how all the females at wis react when i walk into a meeting room.

  75. OMG you guys, I think it is my dry skin that keeps me from “taking on the world.”

  76. Rev

    Matt Moore is a douche.

    Also, to honor the most New England-y team in baseball, you need to be drinking some Sam Adams, son. I don’t blame you for hating on Fosters – that beer is garbage.

  77. Fallen Angel

    mclovin larps just like matt walsh AND zucchini

    i think that’s directv #17

  78. Fallen Angel

    CGI creepy babies = no buys and not funny

  79. @FA aren’t most of your meetings with the HR people?

  80. Fallen Angel

    1. no
    2. what are you getting at?

  81. Tim McCarver and Joe Buck are going to completely ruin the Baldelli storyline. Expect to hear them pronounce Mitochondrial about 7,000 more times over the course of the series.

  82. Fallen Angel

    oh marone wheeler cant find the plate

  83. Fallen Angel

    how does the #9 hitter walk AND steal second?

    at least jrol has MORE blogging material

  84. Fallen Angel


  85. Fallen Angel


  86. Fallen Angel

    i’m all alone again, aren’t i?

  87. Fallen Angel

    haha victory is mine. #22 is here! fappage!

    bossman is going to break the postseason gidp record before the postseason HR record.

  88. Fallen Angel

    ahahahahahahaahah jonny gomes just mesmorized both andy sonnanstine AND the fox viewers.

  89. Fallen Angel


    finish this shit price

  90. Fallen Angel

    price vs. howard

    everything on the line

  91. Fallen Angel


    this series is already the most exciting since 2002

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