World Series Game 4 Liveblog

Father Scott

A plague has struck the house of Pax Arcana. It’s the plague of the liveblog.

Fallen Angel will be your host tonight. I’ll chime in later on, once I’m back from Maine, if the game is still going. Hopefully it will just be a string of expletives from FA, with the Rays down by 35 and BJ Upton accosted by mutated killer ant zombies.



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168 responses to “World Series Game 4 Liveblog

  1. Jaelynne

    I’m first. I win.

    1) Brad Lidge is badass
    2) Maybe if the Rays brought “Devil” back to their team name, they’d win tonight. It is, after all, almost Halloween …

  2. Fallen Angel

    why don’t you pick one name and stick with it chief?

    verizon has changed the national face of the rays to carl crawford. i’d say that’s more fitting than aki.

    in other news, saw V sucked.

    i’ll also be reacting to cyber sunday results. credit for posting them.

    maybe some rock of love charm school if you’re all lucky.

    cubs girls ain’t got shit on #22.

  3. Fallen Angel





  4. Fallen Angel

    it looks like a haze has set in over the field. andy sonnanstine’s pitches are gonna be like the aliens in The Mist.

  5. Fallen Angel

    can we examine the outfield for fans blowing these balls in?

    anyway, at least it was a good at bat by aki to start thing off.

    seriously, everyone looks like a videogame character against a CGI background. except that sprint sign. that’s the only think that looks real.

  6. Fallen Angel

    shit i forgot to play my pre-game mega mix. 0-2 in the WS without it. wins in ALCS game 7 and WS game 2 with it.

    not good.

  7. Fallen Angel

    that’s that bullshit

    hey! joe buck got cut off going to commercial. ahahahah!

  8. Jaelynne

    I’m sticking with this one, souljaboy.

    How dare you bring up aliens.

  9. Fallen Angel

    so sheltong benjamin pins r-truth (fuck that, he’s ron killings) in 5 minutes? eeeeh?

    rey rey beats kane. hopefully that shit-ass feud is done.

    i almost dropped $40 for that PPV for the diva costume contest alone. let’s go maryse.

    todd kalas >>>>>> harry kalas

  10. Andy Sonnanstine needs to quit bitching about his lack of props.

  11. God I hate when fans wave towels or t-shirts. The only thing dumber is cowbells.

  12. I think Jayson Werth is Ben Grieve’s secret brother.

  13. Fallen Angel

    tampa bay, where ben grieve went to die.

    also, no, he’s EDGE DAMN IT!

    andy sonnanstine is a superstar according to lupe fiasco

  14. Fallen Angel

    did we just trade for victor zambrano?

  15. Fallen Angel

    ieghaehga ehrviulshevs htbstb
    trb js
    tr b


  16. If Charlie Manuel really said that Ryan Howard should try to hit to left, he should be hanged.

    Also, Longoria totally tagged him.

  17. Fallen Angel


  18. Fallen Angel

    looks like a gay porno on that freeze frame

  19. Still not as bad as the Baldelli third strike no-call against Myers, but awful nonetheless

  20. Burrell’s going to pop out on 3-0.

    OK, maybe he’s smarter than that.

  21. Not looking good for Andy

  22. Fallen Angel

    disagree. the home plate ump didn’t know what he was doing. regarding whether he went around, that’s totally arbitrary.

    on that play, either you’re tagged out or not.

  23. I hate Shane Victorino more than Tom hates Jerry.

  24. The reason the Baldelli play was worse is that he started to ring him up, paused, pretended like he was just asking for help, and then completely lied about it. There is no way you can believe he was just asking for help. He was calling him out and then stopping. Plus that pitch was a strike whether he swung or not.

  25. By the way, the Giants are 6-1.

    6-0 when I wear the Dayne jersey.

    For realz.

  26. Fallen Angel

    let’s see if longo can stop being worthless otherwise i’m going to *SPOILER ALERT* give myself a tracheotomy straight outta saw V *END SPOILER ALERT*

    i miss this commerical. also, i hope it happens to you pax, you swedish.

  27. Fallen Angel

    first gogol bordello, now noah and the whale being featured in ads.

    pax, i’ll have a horror list for you tomorrow.

  28. I am half Swedish and half Norwegian, so I’m covered both ways (plus the name is Finnish so suck on that, FA).

  29. Sweet. The horror list should be good.

  30. Evan Longoria looks like Mon Chi Chi.

  31. “So far, this is as well as Joe Blanton can throw.”

    — Tim McCarver

  32. Is there a name for that awful half-goatee?

  33. I’m gonna call it the “douche patch”

  34. Fallen Angel

    damn are you serious, i want to be finnish so bad

    apparently joe blanton is pedro martinez.

    matt hardy def. evan bourne. bleh, please come back to tna matt sydal.

    at least miz/morrison beat cryme tyme. seriously, why do all of the “good guys” subsist entirely on gay jokes when making promos. “bad guys” are so much more awesome.

    btw, this game is gay.

  35. Fallen Angel

    wtf is mon chi chi?

  36. Fallen Angel

    tim mccarver, never make that noise again

  37. Werth is a pussy. Should have gone for it.

  38. Fallen Angel

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! townie hoops shooter instead of #22. fuck life.

  39. WTF is drinkability? You know what’s reaallllly drinkable? Water.

  40. Fallen Angel

    apparently kelly kelly is dressed as a sailor and katie lea is a vampire. i need to go change my pants.

  41. Jaelynne

    Add the Descent and the original Black Christmas to the horror list. Subtract 2001 Maniacs.

    You could add Game 1 to the horror list, too. ZING.

  42. I have a feeling you’ll see #22 at least a few times.

  43. Christie Brinkley c. 1985 >>>>>>>>> #22

  44. Fallen Angel

    charm school time! i want to do unspeakable things to brandi m and kristy joe.

    also, sharon osborne is hot. there, i said it.

  45. Jaelynne

    Drinkability = Zima. Hahahahahahahahaha.

  46. Is Padre out of his mom’s basement yet?

  47. The Phillies are pinning their hopes to Carlos Ruiz from here on out.

  48. Joe Blanton looks like he should be selling tile at Home Depot.

  49. Fallen Angel

    hey mang, i’m bloggin from my mom’s basement. so go screw.

  50. Fallen Angel

    hahhaha rodeo’s boobs are too bid for her to zip up. her laugh makes me laugh.

  51. Mrs Pax Arcana

    Pax- I can’t hear the game over the sound of all that typing!

  52. Fallen Angel

    remember, Jaelynne, it is better to buy key pieces than trendy pieces

  53. “Mawm, I need moah meeeetloaf to root foah the RAYZZZ! Mawm… MAWM!!! THE MEATLOAF!! FUCK!!!!!!”

  54. Fallen Angel

    honky tonk man beats santino via DQ in 1:00.

    remember when the IC title was awesome?

  55. Fallen Angel

    i want to marry kristy joe.

  56. Fallen Angel

    i hate that movie, and i hate will ferrell

  57. That was you, not Will Ferrell.

  58. Barlett is really kind of a weakness. The only relatively easy out in the whole lineup.

  59. Fallen Angel

    sonny is a beast at the plate

  60. Holy shit you were right about something.

    BTW — Mon Chi Chi

  61. Fallen Angel


    this night is a night of gaiety!

  62. It’s a Hezekiah Feliz sighting!!

  63. Fallen Angel

    oh my. that is hideous.

    here’s something better. but who IS cheryl tweedy?

  64. Jaelynne

    Thank you, Angel, you are my fashion inspiration. Don’t forget, I’ve already worn two of your shirts to work. I’m hoping next year I can return the favor.

  65. I heard Charis stayed at the Holiday Inn Express all the time…

  66. Fallen Angel

    i didn’t think jolie could get any grosser after wanted. the changeling succeeded.

    also, where to they get off stealing the name of a movie to appear on tomorrow’s list!?!

  67. Jaelynne

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Charis did … a lot of things. She was the light of my life.

  68. Fallen Angel

    oh pax, you made me lawl.

  69. Fallen Angel

    the ump sounds like he’s taking a tough shit

  70. Fallen Angel

    we’re already over 70 posts. i have a lot more coming since errors like this are making me drink more blogging juice (G&T) than ever.

  71. wtf is McCarver talking about.

  72. The 2008 Phillies:

    1st and 3rd and nobody out = probably no runs.

  73. You guys remember that time that Aki booted the grounder and then Howard singled and then Burrell popped out?

  74. Those Amish Dominicans are stellar in the clutch

  75. Fallen Angel

    megan makes me throw up in my mouth.

    yes, vh1 reality is more exicting than the rays right now.

    stupid amish.

  76. Fallen Angel

    please stop with the rocky music.

    aki ball > davin ball.

  77. That’s what my hotel room in Orlando sounded like.

  78. Fallen Angel

    i hate you

  79. Fallen Angel

    is feist STILL doing the ipod commericals?

  80. What’s the deal with WISFFL?

  81. Fallen Angel

    0-24? when did they start discussing my track record with girls?

  82. At least I don’t think

    Lemme make sure…

  83. Fallen Angel

    wisffl is scheduled to re-kick off on november 15th.

  84. Fallen Angel

    still no 411 update. this match better be EPIC.

  85. …not Feist.

    Chairlift. Whoever that is…

  86. Fallen Angel


    (no i didn’t miss that HR due to sneaking in a peek at charm school……fuck me)

  87. Fallen Angel


  88. Ugh. I’m soooooo tired of 24.

  89. Fallen Angel

    fuck kiefer

  90. Fallen Angel

    1. taker just beat big show in a 20:00 last man standing match. i’m glad i didn’t order.

    2. maryse is dressed as a maid. i wish i ordered. pants changing #2.

    3. aki


  91. If Rollins doesn’t run he’s a pussy.

  92. I hate when people boo pickoff attempts. STFU, Philly fans.

  93. Fallen Angel

    oh shit, victoria is a banana. hahahahahhah!

    and mickie james is lara croft!

  94. Fallen Angel

    phillie fans boo everything.

    philly fans would boo mrs. pax, which is worse than booing santa claus.

  95. Fallen Angel

    i am bored and kinda drunk. i feel a homemade rayhawk coming on.

  96. Fallen Angel

    holy shit. the asian fro dude in the pickup artist. makes me laugh.

    she was w-o-w-wow!

  97. Someone remembered to give Ryan Howard his roids.

  98. Fallen Angel

    the phillies should get -3 runs for rollins douchebaggery

  99. Imagine McCarver’s reaction if Manny had done the same thing…

  100. Fallen Angel

    bad to worse, mickie steals the costume contest from maryse.

  101. Victorino really really sucks.

  102. Why they shooted the wine bottle?

  103. Fallen Angel

    this is the worst night of my life

    lacey and megan both safe? rodeo eliminated? fuck the world.

  104. Eric Hinske’s head inflates by 22% every year. By 2011 he’ll be a float the Macy’s T-day parade.

  105. Fallen Angel


  106. Fallen Angel


    why is benny in RF again?

    aki can suck my nipple

  107. Seriously, I loved Eric Hinske in Life Goes On…

  108. Fallen Angel

    i need to go to urinate and forage for crackers

    so you should say yes to drugs?

  109. Fallen Angel

    score, we bought fresh american cheese today. deeeeee-licious

  110. Fallen Angel

    and i’d say now is a good time to watch some porn and go to bed.

    edwin jackson SUCKS

  111. Fallen Angel

    twilight will suck.

    werewovles >>>>>> vampires. unless it’s katie lea.

  112. Fallen Angel

    these taco bell/mlb commercials make me want to castrate myself.

  113. Fallen Angel

    everyone signed off gchat. i’m all alone again.

    the world series is fixed.

  114. Fallen Angel

    hhh pins hardy


    hardy = champ at WM25. book it!

    also, toss blanton. the [expletive deleted] fuck threw at him.

  115. Fallen Angel

    shit, didn’t mean a gay slur, just quoting boondock saints in my rage.

  116. Fallen Angel

    blanton could roll the ball in, it would be a strike

    this is unfuckingbelievable.

  117. Fallen Angel

    to quote my father: “took the bat out of his hands”

  118. Fallen Angel

    pax, can you delete 10:18 post?

  119. Fallen Angel

    ooh, pick up artist. what a pickmeup.

  120. Fallen Angel

    hahhahahaha its the dude from season 1.

  121. Fallen Angel

    this is the first time i heard of floyd’s injury. you serious?

  122. They mentioned it earlier. I was gone to do some dishes. Had a big party at the Arcana manse last night. There was fondue, wine, french bread, apples. It was a freaking rager.

  123. Fallen Angel

    thank you.

    washing dishes > rays

  124. Fallen Angel

    why was i not invited?

    zobrist: it’s clobberin time bitches!

  125. We didn’t have time to put plastic on the furniture.

  126. Fallen Angel

    hahaha pickup artist = mancard fail

  127. Fallen Angel

    holy shit

    real caption on pickup artist: has only seen boobs on tv


  128. Fallen Angel

    fuck it i’m so depressed i’m hitting the fosters now. fuck grant balfour.

  129. Is the pickup artist that pantshole with the hat? You watch that show?

  130. Fallen Angel

    i watch it for laughs. so i can giggle with others and feel slightly better about myself.

  131. Sounds good. I think Scott Eyre is really Joe Blanton throwing lefty.

  132. Fallen Angel

    batista beats jericho. please, PLEASE give me a reason to watch raw.

    also, fuck wwe universe. bitch about overbooked TNA main events NOW. headfucks.

  133. Fallen Angel

    ive run out of words to express my aggravation.

  134. God bless the first ballpark to put an end to this shit.

  135. Fallen Angel

    aybar for longo


  136. Fallen Angel

    so i just performed a mini midley of the gametime playlist. maybe that will help.


  137. Fallen Angel


  138. Fallen Angel

    longo is seriously the biggest douche ever

  139. Fallen Angel

    big ass DP right there.

    and no, i don’t mean double penetration.

  140. Fallen Angel

    fuck you. i’m an american idol.

  141. Fallen Angel

    3 outs left.

    down 3-1, ain’t no thing.

  142. Fallen Angel

    anyone want to go on a haunted hay ride this week?

  143. Every day is a haunted hayride.

  144. Fallen Angel

    We can dance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    ‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
    Well they’re no friends of mine
    I say, we can go where we want to
    A place where they will never find
    And we can act like we come from out of this world
    Leave the real one far behind
    And we can dance

  145. Now they’re just killing the bullpen.

  146. Fallen Angel

    remember when baseball was fun? me neither

  147. Fallen Angel

    please take note that it’s 10-2 and i’m still watching.

  148. Fallen Angel

    sore hamels. that can only be a good thing.

    game 5 – kaz can beat hamels.
    game 6 – shields at home
    game 7 – garza

    we got this shit

  149. I’d be more worried about hitting than pitching.

  150. Fallen Angel

    goodnight y’all

    hope you’re prepared for a record comeback.

  151. Just walked into my apt. to see the good news. Now I don’t have to watch this shit — more time for porn.

  152. Jaelynne

    We already saw a record comeback. In 2004.

    The Future Mrs. Papelbon

  153. I just read all the comments. I’d just like to note that I don’t appreciate making fawning jokes about Mrs. Pax. That’s my job on this site.

    Glad to see we both went for the porn joke though.

    See you guys at work tomorrow. If we’re lucky, Matt Garza will accidentally choke himself to death during some grotesque masturbation routine tonight in the hotel.

  154. Also, Charm School is awesome. Sad I missed it this week.

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