Monday Filler: Chimp on a Segway

Pax Arcana

I spent all of last week on a business trip to Florida. My business? Reintroducing jaguars to their natural habitat. Unfortunately their natural habitat is now overrun by strip malls, multi-unit housing developments, and theme parks. The bottom line is that Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and half the town of Claremont were rendered unrecognizable by the slashing claws of the natural world and Pax Arcana has an awful lot of paperwork to file before he can blog again.

In the meantime, please enjoy this awesome clip of a chimpanzee riding a Segway. I know I did.


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One response to “Monday Filler: Chimp on a Segway

  1. Perry Ellis

    Best. Filler. Ever.

    What would win, a helmeted Segway-riding chimpanzee or a jaguar sated on the flabby flesh of Fla. retirees?

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