The Last Stand?

Fallen Angel

The jersey is on. The Fosters is being cleared out. Will this be the end?

“Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

– Animal House

“I don’t know what to say, really. Three minutes to the biggest battle of our professional lives. All comes down to today, and either, we heal as a team, or we’re gonna crumble. Inch by inch, play by play. Until we’re finished. We’re in hell right now, gentlemen. Believe me. And, we can stay here, get the shit kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb outta hell… one inch at a time.”

– Any Given Sunday

“This is it! Don’t get scared now!”

– Home Alone

Game 5 live blog below…



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200 responses to “The Last Stand?

  1. Fallen Angel

    Sorry, had no idea Father Scott was posting the one below. I’m going to live in this one for the night.

    Pregame mix currently playing. We’ll see about superstition tonight.

  2. Nice to see a little imagination to the liveblog. I just posted one in case you guys checked in. I’ll probably be watching Chris Johnson and Reggie Wayne lead Da Altar Boyzzz to a stunning upset.

  3. Fallen Angel

    cedric benson lives

    philly fans were throwing mustard packets at Papa Joe’s granddaughter last night. win it for her!

  4. What do you think of the lineup change?

  5. Fallen Angel

    interesting, crawford in the 2 spot. followed by upton, pena, and longo. baldelli in right. still no sign of nando, but that might be best the way he looked last time out.

  6. Fallen Angel

    we’re totally on the same wavelength right now. i like it. imagine those first three running wild.

    one rays blog is having everyone post in all caps to get pumped. i won’t goo that far.

  7. Fallen Angel

    rocco with introductions! this is good.

  8. You go all caps and I won’t read it.

    At least Maddon didn’t pull a Torre and put his best player 8th. It probably should have been done a while ago. What, are you going to ruin Longoria’s confidence? You gave him an 8 year deal after 6 games, I think he’s content.

  9. Fallen Angel

    scott i’m changing things up so i can stay at a holiday inn in amsterdam. that way i can take care of you better that friday night, no matter what my state of mind is.

    ya dig?

  10. I don’t think I’m the one who needs to be taken care of. I think you’re best to stay somewhere far away from anyone we work with. They tend to look down upon drugs and prostitution, at least I assume.

  11. Fallen Angel

    strike zone absurd already

  12. On my way back from Maine last night I talked to two of my friends on the phone to kill time, one I hadn’t talked to in 6 years, the other in a few months. I had mentioned Amsterdam to both. One ended our conversation with “Don’t smoke pot”, the other one said, “Smoke some reefer for me.” I felt like the night came full circle.

  13. If I could be given immunity to commit any crime in the world, I would saw off BJ Upton’s left foot.

  14. Fallen Angel

    well, at least both lefties had good cuts.

  15. Fallen Angel

    donovan mcnabb tore his ACL while reading the lineup

  16. Scott Kazmir doesn’t look nervous at all. I would be 100% confident if I were you.

  17. I hate when hitters try to take walks on pitches right down the middle.

  18. Fallen Angel

    someone reeeeeally needs to diagram these calls

  19. Fallen Angel

    how’s that for nerves?

  20. Did you notice that I fell asleep while giving you the text message play by play the other night? You sent me the one saying you got home and I was like holy shit where am I.

  21. I don’t know how Burrell resisted that pitch

  22. Fallen Angel

    this is unreal

    joe buck is even saying he’s being squeezed. what the fuck is going on.

  23. Fallen Angel

    haha that’s awesome you passed out.

  24. McCarver and Kazmir are on a first-name basis I see. I wonder if Kazmir still has the room key to McCarver’s hotel room.

  25. Joe Buck says it, but FoxTrax disagrees.

  26. I’ve never seen Pedro Feliz before. I did not expect him to look like that.

  27. Fallen Angel

    or you’re telling me fox trac agrees with all the bullshit calls moyer, blanton, and hamels are getting?


  28. I bet in softball when I run I look like Pat Burrell, but slower.

  29. Fallen Angel

    i’m still shaking.

    i haven’t blamed the umpries for any loss. but the first inning was entirely on kellogg.

  30. Caliendo’s Pacino isn’t funny at all.

  31. I’m watching the Family Guy where Lois marries Quagmire in an alternative universe (the Back to the Future one). I bet Family Guy is something youo publically disdain, but secretly have watched every episode.

  32. Fallen Angel

    i absolutely hate that show. i have seen 1 episode in its entirety.

  33. Fallen Angel

    right now i want to drown my sorrows with those children’s tears.

  34. Fallen Angel

    hey! we retired the pitcher!

  35. Fallen Angel

    this game is actually causing me to peek at raw for the first time in weeks.

    batista made that end quickly.

  36. Jesus I looked away for like eight seconds and Kazmir’s on the mound again.

  37. Jaelynne

    Taco bell!!!!! We’re going!!!!! This time they WILL put the free taco in the bag, and not just the extras we paid for.

  38. Ya betta ask someboddddaaaayyyyyyy!

    The earflap caps should be illegal. Because they’re stupid.

  39. Well, the whole famn damily is here.

  40. Charlie Manuel might be the first manager to win a World Series and undergo an emergency angioplasty in the same night.

  41. Does anyone have more variations on their uniform than Tennessee? I’m overwhelmed by baby blue right now.

  42. Fallen Angel

    wow i just agreed with randy orton for the first time in my life. fuck off mike adamle.

  43. Fallen Angel

    aki breaks up the the no-no!

  44. Fallen Angel

    you all would have been proud of e just now. i counted to 10 rather than break something when crazy carl swung at the first pitch.


  45. Jaelynne

    Hi, we’re the Phillies. We’re having a world series here tonight. I think we’ll repaint the first base line DURING THE GAME. Nobody will notice. Let’s ask the batters to hang out and have some Crown Royal in the meantime. It worked for the Sox. Bring me a cheesesteak.


  46. Fallen Angel

    one time, back in the day, angelina jolie was attractive.

  47. I’d like some crown royal right now. Actually I wish I had just brought a coke home from work so I could have some jack and coke.

    I’d liek a cheesesteak too. And a cheesecake.

  48. I’ve never been into Jolie. I don’t even get it.

  49. Fallen Angel

    shut the fuck up victorino SHUT THE FUCK UP

  50. Fallen Angel

    i hope he just lost hamels his strike zone.

  51. Jaelynne

    Or a pie, heh.

    I was going to make a cake tonight for Father Scott Day / The Celtics Home Opener but then I watched South Park instead. It’s good I have my priorities in order.

  52. Fallen Angel

    she was smokin’ before everyone knew who she was. she had even started to decline when tomb raider came out. her peak was from 1998-2002. life or something like it was the last time she was hot.

  53. Fallen Angel


  54. Jaelynne

    Charis is hot.

  55. She’s not as hot as the Cubs fan girl. Neither is 22

  56. Everything was better before everyone else found out about it.

  57. Fallen Angel

    this game is boring the piss out of me

  58. Quick, over/under on the number of tats on that chick is 3.5.

  59. Fallen Angel

    great now it’s raining. let’s delay the game and restart at 1 a.m. wouldn’t be a surprise after saturday night.

    the cubs fans are cute, but come on. you can’t even get a close up.

    fuck it, beauty is on the outside.

  60. Fallen Angel

    um wut?

  61. Hey look, it’s an Evan Longoria sighting!

  62. Fallen Angel



  63. Ooh that wasn’t a strike.

  64. Fallen Angel

    you see that scott? fox trax means nothing in this world of shit.


    i have run out of adjectives to use.



  65. Oh stop your bitching. Umps blow balls and strikes in every game. It happens probably a dozen times in every game. It’s part of baseball, like it or not.

  66. Are you sure you’re not a Yankee fan?

  67. I’m a little pissed that Amazon isn’t selling Cardinology right now.

  68. Fallen Angel

    cm punk and kofi kindstong are tag champs and i don’t even care.

  69. He’ll be a Yankee fan next year since TB will be favored.

    Does eMusic carry Lost Highway?

  70. Fallen Angel

    i hope not

  71. I checked earlier and didn’t see Cardinology, but I don’t think they do pre-ordering anyway.

    I need to remember to cancel that shit.

  72. Longoria’s hit was on the ground too asshole. It was like twelve seconds ago. Buy a memory.

  73. Cole Hamels is going to be in like 25 watch and cologne ads this offseason.

  74. Fallen Angel

    way to bunt you shit

    and toss ruiz NOW

  75. I hate both teams, but I did see a great Philly sign on the Interwebs today. It had a picture of the liberty bell and said “Ours is Bigger.” Ordinarily I hate the cheap dick joke in such situations, but Rays fans deserve to be marched as a group into the ocean for those fucking cowbells.

  76. Fallen Angel

    what pussy wears a jacket on the bases

  77. The thing about Phillies fans is that those trash bags they’re wearing were actually full of trash earlier in the evening.

  78. It doesn’t excuse bad umpiring, but in some ways you do have to earn your strike zone. See Greg Maddux from 1992-1999.

  79. Fallen Angel

    and they’re filled with trash now, too

  80. Jayson Werth looks like he should be playing in a Rusted Root cover band.

  81. Who was asking me recently about the one-seam fastball?

  82. I just finished filling in my absentee ballot. I alternated between writing in Mo Ager and Yi Jianlian for each position.

  83. I don’t think Yi is eligible, but still… nice choices.

  84. He should be, he’s like 39, I think.

  85. Jaelynne

    The Rays need Steve Irwin to appear next to Kazmir, flapping his arms like the wings of a ray.

  86. Fallen Angel

    mccarved, that’s why you don’t manage

  87. Why do I hate Chase Utley so much? It’s unnatural.

  88. Scott Kazmir looks like Bindi Irwin.

  89. Fallen Angel


    ok, getting hit on the hand with a fastball and standing in the col can’t be good for cole…

  90. Jaelynne

    That’s why he had his jacket, so he’s not chilly <3

  91. Fallen Angel

    anyone complaining about the dome on the trop now?

  92. Fallen Angel

    oh yeah, that’s a tag, but rollins was safe last night.

  93. I’d like to be your bloodstream right now. Bathing in alcohol.

  94. Jaelynne

    No, and I wish the Phillies had a catwalk too, I LOVE hearing about it.

  95. Fallen Angel

    sadly i’m totally dry

  96. Jaelynne

    Haha I hope FA’s still drunk at work tomorrow and gets into a vicious fight with The Loud Music Man about The Flinstones and the proper way to raise children.

  97. Did your parents take away all your chairs and take the fun out of your drunken state?

  98. Fallen Angel

    if they call this after 5, someone will die

  99. It seems fated, given that Selig is still in charge.

  100. Baseball in the rain is still better than baseball indoors.

  101. What a bunch of pussies…we’ve played in worse.

  102. Jaelynne

    The WISFFL looks disdainfully on those who fear the elements

  103. Kazmir got squeezed there, admittedly. Funny when Buck starts to get pissed and self-righteous.

  104. Fallen Angel

    ….are you kidding

  105. Pat Burrell’s helmet doesn’t fit on his head. It’s like a hard, red yarmulke.

  106. Jaelynne

    That’s what she said.

  107. Fallen Angel

    he’s not getting squeezed. these calls are just wrong.

  108. I would totally go for it, Clark.

  109. You know who I hate?

    Sting. That’s who.

  110. Fallen Angel

    commence the drankin

  111. Fringe seems like a show that I wouldn’t really watch.

  112. Fallen Angel

    oh mah goodness listen to that accent!

  113. This grounds crew is so psyched right now. This is like the Cuban missile crisis for them.

  114. @FA — Maybe Balfour’s single? I know it’s a long shot for you, but there’s always a chance (fingers crossed)!!

  115. Grant Balfour: The Australian Nomar.

  116. I hate Shane Victorino more than Jaelynn loves upside down dogs.

  117. Fallen Angel

    um, they can’t even call an infield fly correctly?

  118. FA’s heart belongs to Garza, you know that.

  119. That’s weird. You would think the infield fly would be automatic. Like Spanish Fly.

  120. It’s the most sexist commercial ever!

  121. Hey, Chris Johnson and Reggie Wayne. It’s Padre. What’s up? Nothing much here either. Hey, um, fucking score now.

  122. Where’s my Cubs fan chick? FA did you have it taken off the air cause she was putting 22 to shame?

  123. I think it’s awesome that we all email each other all day and then hang out in the comments of a shared blog at night. It means we totally rule. Seriously. Look it up.

  124. Fallen Angel

    this umpiring CBA rule listing is making me vomit

  125. Jaelynne

    What are you talking about? I make it a point to avoid you all at work.

  126. Except that our emails at work are private, and our comments here are read by many, many…oh, who am I kidding.

  127. Jimmy Rollins still has “Evan Wuz Here” tattooed in his butthole.


  129. Fallen Angel

    i have to say, i’m actually acquiring a taste for fosters this postseason

  130. Jaelynne

    This is how I feel about the umpires:

  131. Fallen Angel

    this entire series = fail for MLB

  132. If that hamster were on a piano I’d be impressed. Maybe.

  133. Fallen Angel


  134. Tough call. Very, very tough.

    Actually, I’ll agree with FA for once. These umps suck.

  135. Jaelynne

    The Rays are kinda like this:


  136. Fallen Angel

    i am now pacing around my basement

  137. Please of course Upton’s running.

  138. Jaelynne

    I was thisclose to getting a hamster this weekend, I would feed it popcorn and keep it in Father Scott’s cube.

  139. Jaelynne guess who forgot about that pizza over the weekend I’ll give you a hint it was me.

  140. Then you are a pansy Joe Buck.

  141. Fallen Angel

    if i were maddon, i’d put this game under protest

  142. I think Upton should slide halfway and just coast…

  143. Jaelynne

    Hahaha, lovely. Did you bring it to the kitchen to see if someone would still eat it?

  144. Not even close. Wow. That dude is FAST.

  145. I didn’t even look at it.

  146. Jaelynne

    I bet it was totally covered in green fur. If you opened the box it would have glared at you.

  147. He must have picked up Hamels move from the 19 pitchouts. That jump was ridiculous.

  148. I find myself rooting for Cole Hamels just because he doesn’t sport a douchepatch.

  149. Fallen Angel

    the rays are pissed about something

  150. Joe Buck should be run through a wood chipper.

  151. Jaelynne

    And we have a game!

  152. Pax does the bat being wet actually mean anything?

  153. Fallen Angel



  155. A wet bat is more likely to slip out of your hands, but no, to answer your real question, Tim McCarver is utterly full of shit, as usual.

  156. I like Hamels just because he’s on my fantasy team.

    Also, Upton’s stride is about 10 yards in length. Good God.

    Also, that weather sure has affected the Rays running game. Top-notch analysis.

  157. I wish Victorino dropped that so he would be the fucking goat.

  158. That’s what I figured.

    WISFL update: LenDale scores, meaning Samara beats Ari. Poor Ari has had some rough luck.

  159. Jaelynne

    The Phillies:

  160. Fallen Angel

    not gonna lie, those hugs bags are mad cute

  161. Fallen Angel

    this is fuckin bizarro world

  162. Fallen Angel

    let’s all huddle to keep warm

  163. Shit I step away to do dishes and come back and the news is on. Come on pansies play through it.

  164. Fallen Angel

    what’s with you guys and doing dishes? that’s what women are for.

  165. Some of us don’t have mom or a wife to do them for us.

  166. Fallen Angel

    egomaniacal normans > goulet

  167. Padre, you dick. You have to win this week to put me up front by myself.

  168. Re: Dishes. Some of us have wives who never touch them.

  169. Jaelynne

    Padre gets 8 boyfriend points for doing his own dishes.

    Those are all negated by his leaving a box of pizza on a window sill for 72 hours.

  170. Fallen Angel

    i award myself 67 boyfriend points because i say so

  171. My team sucks. I’m awful at fantasy football. I kept thinking we’d come around, but Addai and McFadden are too busy nursing their broken vaginas.

  172. My team sucks too, but it keeps winning.

  173. Whoa whoa whoa. I didn’t leave the pizza there Miss Lynne. You did.

    But I can’t brag; part of doing the dishes includes a pot of mac and cheese that I had for dinner on Thursday. It’s currently soaking.

  174. My 2nd highest scorer this week was my kicker. THAT’S sucking.

  175. Jaelynne

    That pizza was a gift!! Now I’m glad I didn’t make a cake.

  176. No cake would be left behind. I will eat cake until my demise, I promise you that.

  177. Fallen Angel

    aiight i feel broken and can’t stop coughing. i’m going to bed.

  178. Also, thought you should all know that I am rocking the Spaghetti Cat t-shirt tonight. And that Jaelynne and I promise you all jobs at Spaghetti Cat Consulting once we get it off the ground.

    Spaghetti Cat Consulting: Peoplescaping your businesscape since 2008.

  179. Jaelynne

    I’m preparing the bumper stickers now.

  180. Alright I’ve gotta finish off the dishes and hit the hay. You can’t be staying up late when your commute is 8 minutes. Oh, yes you can.

  181. Jaelynne

    At Spaghetti Cat Consulting, we’ll commutescape your driveables down to a mere 7 and a half minutes, and we’ll throw in a box of rigatoni. Tell your friends.

  182. Spaghetti Cat Consulting: Upgooding your deliverables with a vision of solutions-oriented rigatoni.

  183. I couldn’t just leave it at 199 comments.

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