The Dragonslayerzzz, King James, and Mo Ager

Father Scott

The NBA season kicks off tonight, and I’m pumped. Not just because of the debut of the Dragonslayerzzz (though it helps).

I’m a weird NBA fan — while with baseball I’m a Red Sox fan and not much else, with the NBA I like tons of different players and teams. I’m a Celts fan, but I’m not rabid about it. I’m probably more excited about the Nets this year — dumping all their bad contracts save Vinsanity, adding Mo Ager, Yi Jianlian, and Keyon Dooling, it really seems like I’m running the team — than anything. I love Dirk Nowitzki. I love the Mavs alternate green unis. I love the idea of Phoenix staying relevant after ditching the fast-paced offense that everyone unreasonably loves. I love that Golden State will fall on its face. I love that I’m going to see Greg Oden do something I’ve never seen tonight, and many more times over every time I watch the Blazers.

I also love John Tesh.

Things I hate: the Wizards (especially when they rip a team that summarily owns them every year), the overconfidence in Philly (48.5 win over/under? Really?), the fact that I can’t enjoy “boring” good teams like Detroit and San Antonio even though they play the way the game is supposed to be played, and that Jason Kidd singlehandedly made my favorite Western conference team no fun to cheer for.

A few predictions for the year: A major breakout for Nets PG Devin Harris, the Nuggets end up trading Melo during the next offseason, the Mavs will outperform expectations, the Sixers and Hornets come back to Earth a bit, the Suns win at least one playoff series, and the Lakers will have significant problems working together.

And we will finally coronate the King: LeBron and the Cavs over the Spurs in the Finals.

Anyway, while you’re enjoying the season, be sure to check in on Hardwood Paroxysm (I swear I had been planning on posting that Tesh clip before I saw it there, but HT anyway), FreeDarko, the awesome Basketball Jones podcast, my various fantasy links, and of course, Perkisabeast.

Enjoy the season and especially this guy:



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6 responses to “The Dragonslayerzzz, King James, and Mo Ager

  1. Fallen Angel

    I have very little interest in the Celtics this year. But I also don’t like the NBA that much so I won’t pick another team.

    Go Bruins.

  2. Jaelynne

    Paul Pierce is my future husband. I bleed green from now until June.

  3. Perry Ellis

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute here. John Tesh? John TESH!?! Please say it ain’t so, Padre. Even if it’s true, just lie to me and say you were joking.

  4. basketball is the stupidest sport ever invented

  5. Thanks for stopping by and participating with your insightful comment, nathan.

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